Samsung Tablet Gets Hot When Charging?

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It is common for a Samsung tablet to become hot while charging it. But when a  high quantity of electricity is typically supplied to the Samsung tablet by its charger, it can be charged in a fair amount of time.

In this case, you have to be alert when you are using your tablet while charging. Otherwise, the battery temperature may go so high. And if the battery becomes overheated, the tablet can be damaged or stop working.

So it is a matter of concern if your Samsung tablet gets hot when charging.

Be relaxed!  In this article, you will find out the solution of this problem.

Now let’s go and explore.

Samsung Tablet Gets Hot When Charging

Well, using your tablet while charging is not a good job at all. The main thing that will happen to your Samsung tablet if you use it while charging is overheating. 

So if you’re thinking that you don’t give a damn about your Samsung tablet heating up, then you’re wrong. If you’ve been doing this thing for a long period of time then, please stop right now.

Why You Should Not Overcharge Your Samsung Tablet

It’s nothing new that your Samsung tablet must charge to work properly. But the truth is that charging for a long period of time will make the Samsung tablet overcharged. Your charger may also have a high chance of being damaged. 

You should not overcharge your tablet, because it will make it hotter than normal, and it will most likely make your battery run out of power faster. 

Batteries that are always overcharged hold less charge and die faster. That means you’ll have to charge your Samsung tablet more often and it is also annoying. 

Leaving Your Samsung Tablet Plugged In All The Time, Is That Cool?

Many people leave their tablets to charge overnight. Doing this is not a good practice at all. 

So won’t be a cool decision if you leave your Samsung tablet plugged in for a long time. Rather, it will keep using electricity, which will literally damage the battery. 

Most importantly, Lithium-ion batteries don’t tolerate high temperatures, and many consumers report that their tablets get hot while charging. Your Samsung tablet will overheat if you overcharge it. There is a high chance of catching fire too.

Prevent Your Tablet From Getting Hot While Charging

How To Prevent Your Tablet From Getting Hot While Charging

There are a few things you can do to keep your tablet safe from overheating. Take a look at the following facts that you should avoid while charging your Samsung tablet. These techniques will work definitely. 

Never use your tablet while it is in charge

The constant usage of your tablet is one of the most prevalent causes of the device heating up while it is charging. Using your tablet while it is plugged in will cause it to overheat, resulting in an increase in temperature.

It is strongly advised that you should not use your phone while it is being charged.

How To Prevent Your Tablet From Getting Hot While Charging

The greater the number of applications that are running in the background, the more work your system has to do to keep them running. The power consumption and heat generated by the Samsung tablet will increase if multiple apps run in the background while it is charging.

So, cleaning the background apps is advised while charging. If you’re unsure, try rebooting and recharging your phone.


No electric device can run for a lifetime without being charged. Your Samsung tablet is not exceptional in this case. But if you keep using your Samsung tablet while charging it, it will overheat and there will be a high chance of the battery bursting or permanently shutting down.

Hopefully, you have gone through the article and understood what to do if Samsung tablets get hot when charging. 

Please be safe with your Samsung tablet!.

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