Why Are Tablet Cameras So Bad?

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Why Are Tablet Cameras So Bad

Nowadays a good camera is a must-needed feature that every user wants to have on his/her device.  A good camera allows you to take amazing photos and videos for making your memories better.

But if you own a tablet, then you must have a question in your mind that why are tablet cameras so bad?

The simple answer is the camera has always been the less prioritized feature in tablets. Rather manufacturers include cameras in tablets just for video calling, not for taking photography. 

Well, Let me make this topic more clear to you.

Why Are Tablet Cameras So Bad: The Reasons Behind

Most of the tablets in the market have cameras. A maximum number of users buy tablets considering features including cameras, storage, and processor. 

Most of the tablets feature two cameras such as the rear and the front camera. But this true fact will shock you that the manufacturers don’t emphasize the quality of cameras.

Let’s talk about some reasons for bad camera quality

Tablets Are Not Made For Photography

The thing you must understand is that it’s a TABLET, not a CAMERA. Tablets can never perform high-resolution performance. So, if you think that a tablet is convenient for your photographic skill, then you are totally wrong. 

Basically, the main reason for including a camera in a tab is for video calling, scanning your necessary files, and the barcodes. So if you want to buy a tablet for photography, then it’s a red alert not to do this. 

Why Are Tablet Cameras So Bad

Why Tablet’s Camera Has Poor Resolution 

The image quality depends on the resolution of the tablet’s camera. For masterpiece photography, you need to go for a device that has a high-resolution feature. 

But the most painful thing is that these 7 or 8-inch tablets don’t provide high resolution. 

The rear and front cameras of a tablet will give you fuzzy pictures which will simply decrease your photographic interest. Though manufacturers are trying to develop its camera resolution.

The Camera In A Tablet Is A Secondary Feature:

Tablet manufacturers got their user’s attention by providing large displays and gigantic battery life. But the camera is always less prioritized. 

A high-resolution camera will cost huge. To make a tablet more budget-friendly, manufacturers compromise camera quality. 

Imperfect Size Of Tablet For Camera 

Suppose you have been enjoying a concert and suddenly you want to capture some beautiful moments with your tablet’s camera. Hence, it may create an embarrassing situation because of your tablet’s imperfect size. 

Your large display tablet will simply block other people’s views. In addition to this point, your tablet may fall down from your hand when you are going to capture photos because collisions with other people simply happen in a crowded place. 

It’s obvious that people will suggest you do the same work with your smartphone or camera. But those who are aged and have poor eyesight and no demand for higher camera performance can easily choose a tablet.

Smartphones Are Always Better For Camera Performance

It’s common that most tablets come with cameras like smartphones. Let’s consider the two devices produced by the tech-giant Apple. The rear camera of the iPad Air allows you to capture 5MP photos while the iPhone 5s gives you an 8MP rear camera. 

It’s not just about Apple, other android smartphone companies provide the same. If you pay a look at Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro, you will find that it offers you an 8MP rear-facing camera while Galaxy S4 has a 13MP camera. 

Manufacturers always give more attention to the camera to your smartphone, so your smartphone will always win the battle against a tablet. 

Pricing issue

You must be thankful that you are getting a camera with your tablet at such a comparatively low price because tablets are not usually made for users who have an interest in photography.  

So it’s foolish to expect more camera performance on such a low budget. 


People are wrong who say those tablet cameras are better than smartphones. You shouldn’t believe in this type of wrong information. Rather it’s a wise decision not to choose tablets for cameras.

Hope you have got your desired information including the reasons for “why are tablet cameras so bad”. 

Choose the right device for the camera. Best of luck!

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