Do Tablets Have Cameras? Everything You Should Know

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Do Tablets Have Cameras

If you want to purchase a tablet, then the first and foremost question that may come to your  mind is, “do tablets have cameras”

The answer is Obviously tablets have cameras. You know about 99% of tablets have cameras. Hence,  there are a few tablets without cameras that are mostly used where photos and videos are prohibited.

However, you can get a tablet with cameras in the market. Let’ explore more regarding tablets with cameras.

Do Tablets Have Cameras: The Facts Behind

Nowadays, cameras are the first priority of a tablet. Side by side of all features, the camera is part and parcel of a tablet. 

Generally, a camera facilitates some benefits for taking photos, scans, screenshots, videos and also video calls, etc. Various tablets contain various megapixel cameras according to the tablet model. 

The camera is used on both sides of the tablet front and backside. The front camera is used for selfies and video calls. The back camera is mainly used for photos, scans, and also making videos.

Why Tablets Have Low-Resolution Cameras

Generally, tablets are used for communication, browsing the Internet, and various work. So high-resolution cameras are not installed on tablets. 

You can not expect high-resolution images from tablets. But you will be glad to know that Google is working on a tablet’s cameras by upgrading modules just like you can do on a desktop. Then you will get a camera with high resolution. 

The tablet has large storage capabilities and RAM features.

Do Tablets Have Cameras

How To Disable Tablet Cameras

As most of the tablets have cameras, hackers can monitor your activities by using the camera on your tablet. So you can disable your tablet camera for security by following the steps.

  • Power your tablet and then open the play store.
  • Download the cameraless app and install it.
  • Start the app and camera manager
  • Enable it and switch on.
  • Click on disable camera.

In this way, you can disable your camera. To ensure whether your camera is disabled, go back to the tablet and confirm it is deactivated successfully.

Note that you can enable your tablet camera again by clicking the enable camera icon.

How To Turn On The Camera On A Tablet?

  • First of all, you need to install a front and rear camera from the google camera app
  • Now you can see your image, or video in front of the camera.
  • Switch camera icons are not seen in some tablets. So, you should check online for the proper technique to turn it from rear to front and front to rear.
  • Note that some apps turn automatically front cameras such as: Skype, Hangout etc.

Tablet Cameras Allow For Video Calling

In recent years, tablets have had many features like other devices. Video calling is one of the best features of a tablet.

So, you can fill your video calling demand from a tablet that helps you to communicate with friends or family thousands and thousands of miles away.

But all the tablets don’t Allow video calling. So, before buying a tablet for video calling, you have to know the following things;

  • You should check out the specifications.
  • 11 inch liquid retina display or more may be suitable. 
  • Camera should be a minimum 12 MP.
  • It should be a four speaker microphone.
  • It also should be sensitive to everything. 
  • You should be concerned about easy portability.
  •  You must check out the weight of the tablet less than one pound.

If you maintain these steps, you can have a smooth video call with the tablet’s camera.

Some Top Tablet Cameras In Recent Time

Model NameCamera Type
Apple iPad Mini8 / 7 MP
Samsung Galaxy Tab S713MP
Samsung Galaxy Tab A78MP, 1080P
Apple iPad12MP, 2160P
Lenovo Tab P11 Pro.13MP,1080P
Apple iPad Pro 202112MP, 2160P
Microsoft Surface Pro 75MP, 8MP
Microsoft Surface Go 2.5MP, 1080P

Connect an external camera to your tablet

The USB plug supports connecting the tablet with the external camera.

So you need to purchase an OTG cable.

Now install infinite from the play store or google play to support the camera.

You should purchase a USB camera controller if you have Windows or Mac tablets.

The camera will be used as a part of the tablet after the plugin.

The tablet must support OTG connection for work. To get better results, it must support USB storage.


Do Tablets Have A Webcam?

Tablets often have a built-in front-facing camera that can be used as a webcam. Some apps let the front-facing camera work as a webcam for a tablet.

Why Have A Camera On A Tablet?

Your tablet’s camera is used to take high-quality photos. If you want to capture a great picture or take a selfie on your Android tablet, you may easily use the tablet’s camera. Setting up a photo background, editing, and then sending a shot to a buddy are the reasons of having a camera.

Are Tablet Cameras Better Than Phone Cameras?

Unless you have a really old phone and a high-end tablet, your smartphone has better camera hardware. If you have both a smartphone and a tablet available, it’s a suggestion to use your smartphone to capture images.


Tablets have upgraded features side by side with the smartphone or laptop. The camera is the most important portion of any device.

That’s why users want to know do tablets have cameras? Recently, tablet companies have included high megapixel cameras besides their capacity. So, users can fulfill camera-related demands like a smartphone or laptop do. 

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