Will A Dongle Work On A Tablet? Answer Here

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Will A Dongle Work On A Tablet

If you are highly interested in searching for a device that will work as an alternative for wi-fi, then a Dongle should be one of the most perfect solutions for you. 

But as a tablet user, you may have a question, will a dongle work on a tablet?

Well, not only you, many tablet users have this confusion as they might feel the risk of disconnection of wi-fi. Then you don’t need to worry as the answer is “yes, it can”. 

Come on. Let’s dig more.

Will A Dongle Work On A Tablet: Yes Or  Not

A dongle is a painless solution for you as a tablet user. It is a popular wireless device for android tablets. You can take it anywhere and have better internet without any tension.

Nowadays, tablet users are relying more on the idea of using a dongle.

What is a Dongle?

Technological innovation is a boon for us as it has increased the number of wireless devices. The dongle is one of the best ones. 

Basically, a dongle is a tiny and portable USB device that allows you to connect it with other devices by a port. A dongle provides you with some additional functionality such as browsing the internet.

What can a Dongle be used for?

Working remotely is a modern trend which is being popular day by day. Now you don’t need to be present all the time at your office to do your work. It can be done from anywhere.

A special thanks go to portable devices such as a tablet. But what if you don’t have any internet in that place? 

Relax, don’t need to worry. A dongle will work just like your broadband. 

It just performs like an internet modem and you can share your internet as well as important files with other devices through it.

Process For Connecting Dongle With Your Tablet

  • Take the Dongle and connect it with your ethernet cable.
  • Connect your tablet with your dongle by using a Bluetooth connection.
  • You may always use a wired connection.
  • Please make sure you connect it with your tablet in your USB Type C or with a Micro USB charging port 
Process For Connecting Dongle With Your Tablet

Advantages of a Dongle

  • The dongle is so easy to use as it’s portable and handy, especially for those who are travel lovers.
  • You can charge it with your computer.
  • Whenever your broadband crashes, it can be used as an alternative.
  • Saves you from using poor and unrestricted wi-fi
  • You can pay as you go
  • A dongle can be connected to a tablet very quickly. 
  • The dongle makes your connection anonymous to hackers. So, your internet connection is secured.

Disadvantages of a Dongle

  • As a dongle needs a USB to be connected with your tablet, so you must make sure that your tablet has a USB port.
  • Your dongle can be connected to only one device at a time. 
  • Sometimes you may face trouble when your device is not supporting the full 4G network.
  • You can not download as much as you want as the limit of download is restricted.
  • Dongles often perform slower than your broadband line.

Best Dongles for tablet

Tablet Name Price
CDMA USB 4G LTE sim wi-fi modem$17.10
2G universal wireless internet USB $19.00-$26.00
Sigmalinks OEM dongle 4G wi-fi$10.99-$18.00
Sim card universal 4g wifi dongle$17.00-$22.00
Wireless adapter RTL8188FUS$1.80-$2.50
GSM 4G LTE sim card USB modem wireless dongle wifi router$17.10

Some alternatives to Dongle

If you think that a dongle is tough for you to purchase, then still there are some solutions. A pocket Wi-Fi hotspot is a tiny portable gadget that is a quick solution for your problem. 

Public wi-fi hotspots and mobile data can also act as an alternative to using a dongle. 


In this technology-based world, no one wants to keep themselves away from using the internet as it is used in every sphere of life. A dongle has made this more convenient for you.

I think you have got your answer including desired information of will a dongle work on a tablet or not.

You know a dongle will always increase the performance of your tablet. So, just go for a dongle for your device.

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