Can Old Samsung Tablets Be Updated?

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Last Updated on May 9, 2022 by T Mehedi

Samsung tablets are more popular rather than others because of their various features. But always, the features of the Samsung tablet may not remain the same. For instance, an old Samsung tablet can’t work as a new Samsung tablet. Yet, you may ask, can old Samsung tablets be updated?

Yes, old Samsung tablets can be updated easily. At present, you can update many elements of your Samsung tablet, such as Software, software troubleshooting, over-the-air, computer-based updates, etc.

Let’s start to learn step by step process of updating a Samsung tablet.

Can Old Samsung Tablets Be Updated?

Of course, an old Samsung tablet can be updated. Interestingly, you can update your old Samsung tablet on your own by following some process.

Now, we explore how to update an old Samsung tablet easily and quickly.

Software Update On Samsung Tablet

When a new software version becomes available, you should update 

the software on your old Samsung tablet. It will help your device to operate at optimum performance levels. 

For a software update, you have to follow some steps:

  • Select the application icon from a home screen
  • Now select Settings
  • select ‘About Device’,
  • After that, click on Software Update
  • Now select update
  • And then wait for the process to finish,
  • Finally, click on OK if the software is updated

Thus, you can update the software on your old Samsung tablet.

Over-the-air Update On Samsung Tablets

Over-the-air (OTA) is an essential feature of the Samsung tablets. Suppose, you want to update over-the-air on your old  Samsung tablet. In that case, you should go through the given steps:

  • select the setting icon from your tablet home screen
  • Swipe down till you see the About Device option
  • Tap on About Device
  • select Software Update,
  • Now, select Update, and tap OK

Follow these steps and update over the air on your old Samsung tablet.

Operating System Update On Samsung Tablet

An operating system is the most important part of a Samsung tablet that runs a tablet. It manages hardware and all software.

You can update the operating system on your old Samsung tablet. This update will further enhance the security and adds more features to your old Samsung tablet.

  • To update the operating system on your Samsung tablet, you have to follow these steps:
  • Connect your device to wi-fi or data
  • Go to Setting and then tap on the Software Update
  • Finally, tap on Download and Install.

Thus, you can update the operating system on your old Samsung tablet.

Install Custom ROM on Samsung tablet

You can update your old Samsung tablet by installing a custom ROM. The best Custom ROM is Lineage OS which you can install by following some procedures:

  • Open the bootloader, and install a custom recovery
  • Load the Custom ROM
  • Restart the device in recovery mode
  • Now install from Custom ROM recovery, and then restart your tablet

In this way, you can install a Custom ROM on your old Samsung tablet.


Can I Change The Operating System On My Old Samsung Tablet?

Ans: Usually, you can’t change your tablet’s operating system. But you can change it to other operating systems that belong to your Samsung tablet.

When Am I Unable To Update My Old Samsung Tablet?

Ans: You will be unable to update your old Samsung tablet when it refuses to update, if the wi-fi connection is weak, and there is less space in your tablet’s memory.

How Do I Update My  Samsung Tablet To The Latest Version?

Ans: At first, open the setting on your Samsung tablet, then scroll to the bottom and select about, and finally tap system update. 

Thus, you can update your Samsung tablet to the latest version.


This article described all the necessary information on updating an old Samsung tablet. After reading this article thoroughly, I strongly believe that you are clear about can old Samsung tablets be updated. 

However, you can start updating your old Samsung tablet to add more features and use it comfortably. 

Now, know the overall condition of your old Samsung tablet and so try to update your tablet in a professional manner. Otherwise, you may face unwanted issues. 

Good luck!

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