Do Huion Pens Need Batteries

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Do Huion Pens Need Batteries

Huion pens are tools that come along with a Huion drawing tablet. Pens are the essential tools for drawing tablets. It is used to draw, animate, operate a phone when the tablet is in phone mode, etc.

Huion pens are electronic devices. Hence, yes is the answer to the ques “do Huion Pens need batteries”. In the following article, we will discuss briefly the Huion pens and their batteries.

Do Huion Pens Need Batteries:

As the pens are an integral part of the drawing tablets of Huion, they need electricity to run. For that, they need batteries that can store the electrical energy to run on.

The basic Huion pens that need a battery have a slot for 1 AAA battery. These pens are easily portable because no cable is attached and lightweight.

Do Huion Pens Need Batteries

Price: $21.99 | Update: 15-May, 2022

Do Huion Pens Need Batteries

Price: $49.99 | Update: 15-May, 2022

Pros of battery-based Huion pens:

  • Since they run on batteries, you don’t have to worry about when the charge of the pen will end or worry about when the pen will turn off.
  • No extra cables are required, easily portable because it is small in size.

Cons of battery-based Huion pens:

  • As it is not possible to tell when the battery will end, one may need to carry extra batteries for precaution.
  • Since AAA batteries have a small capacity, one may need to change batteries frequently if the pen is used on a daily basis.

The other type of pen is like the figure given below.

Do Huion Pens Need Batteries

They are to be charged by an external charging cable. They are a charging port located on the bottom part of the pen. The LED indicator gives information about the charge status of the pen.

  • When the indicator is red, it means the pen is charging
  • When the indicator is off, it means the pen is fully charged
  • When the indicator is orange, it means the pen has a low voltage.

The stylus pen has a wide range of pressure points (8192 levels). The Huion pen is rechargeable. However, when the pen is fully charged it may last for 350hrs.

Huion Tablet Pen Not Working


How Long Can A Huion Pen Last?

The Huion pen can last for 2-3 years if much pressure is not applied to the pen.

How Much Time Is Needed To Charge A Huion Pen?

The Huion pens can be fully charged within 2 hrs after the charging cable is attached to the pen. The battery-based pens don’t need to be charged externally.


The Huion pens are a very much important part of the drawing tablets. So, it is a very important to know “do Huion Pens need batteries”

In the above article, we hope that we have made you know about Huion pens and whether the pens need batteries or not. In fact, it depends on the type of pen one may have.

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