When Should You Change Your Tablet Pen Nib

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When Should You Change Your Tablet Pen Nib

A tablet might be a daily used device for you. Hence, for a better experience, you should use a tablet pen. Well, tablet pens are more effective at keeping your tablet screen clean and smudge-free from your fingertips. 

Every tablet pen comes with a nib. But the harsh reality is that your tablet pen nib doesn’t have a lifetime guarantee. You have to change it after a certain period of time. So it may remain a question: when should you change your tablet pen nib.

In this article, we will clear your doubts and an ultimate guideline regarding when you should change the tablet pen nib.

Now let’s find out!

When Should You Change Your Tablet Pen Nib? 

Keep in mind that the longevity of your pen nib is affected by how often you use it. There is a chance that it will wear out more quickly if you use it frequently over a long period of time.

How To Understand Your Tablet Pen Nib Is Not Working

If you input anything on the screen with your tablet pen’s nib and the output is slower and inaccurate, it’s the warning flag for the nib of your pen that it will stop working soon.  

For those who are concerned about the quality of their writing, getting a new one is a good idea. If it’s still in good condition, you probably don’t need to buy a new one at that point. 

The Lifespan Of Your Tablet Pen Nib

Tablet pen nibs typically last roughly two years before they need to be replaced. But it depends on your usage. It is a suggestion to keep organized the 4 to 5 extra pen nibs that come with your tablet’s packaging. You may miss them sometimes.

How To Change The Nib On A Tablet Pen

You need to change the nib of your tablet frequently after a certain period of time. So you should learn the process for changing the nib. Well, it’s an easy process that requires just two steps.  

Step 1: 

Remove the damaged nib from the pen by pulling it out with your fingers. As you still have your tablet’s box, look inside to see whether there is a tool for removing your nib. The tool has the appearance of a little ring with a tiny hole in it, and it is designed to assist you in pulling out the nib. It won’t hurt the device at all.

Step 2:

After inserting the nib’s end into the pen barrel, gently push the nib until you hear the sound of clicking. Then remove the previous nib and replace it.

Reasons For Changing Tablet Pen’s Nib

Reasons For Changing Tablet Pen’s Nib

A tablet pen nib is a very sensitive thing. You should use it very carefully. Here are some common reasons for changing your pen’s nib.


You may have used it with too much pressure. This is bad for both you and your tablet, as it may eventually hurt your hands and cause significant injury! Your tablet may get scratched or damaged, and your pen nib may be broken.

Lack of care

Take care of your nib! You may need to change your nib because you have totally forgotten to take care of it. You may tend to only utilize one side, wearing out the other! Try to utilize different sides of the nib to use it properly. 

Rubbing the screen

The nib may need to be replaced if you are drawing or playing interactive games where the table’s surface is continually being scratched. A rough tablet screen may also harm your pen nib.

Nibs may fall down

Your tablet pen nib may drop from your pen and there is a chance of losing it as it’s a really small thing. Then you have to replace your lost nib.

Where Can You Get New Nibs?

For each device, the extra nibs are kept in a distinct location. To begin, have a look at the box your device came in. There are a few other places to look if you can’t find the nibs:

  • Check the pen case if it comes with your device.
  • Slide the back compartment cover if your device has one.
  • Remove the pen stand from your device if it has one.


Your pen nib may last 2 to 3 years but, this depends on how frequently you use it. If it starts scratching your tablet, then you must know when should you change your tablet pen nib. 

It’s a suggestion not to use a defective nib as it may harm your tablet’s screen.

Enjoy using your tablet pen in the right way!.

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