Do I Need A Tablet If I Have A Smartphone?

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Do I Need A Tablet If I Have A Smartphone

Nowadays every device has some special features from other devices. The features of a tablet are similar to a smartphone. This is why you may have quarries” do I need a tablet if I have a smartphone “

Obviously, you need a tablet even if you have a smartphone. That’s because all the features are not similar between a smartphone and a tablet. Rather, other devices have different unique features. 

Let’s explore why you need a tablet if you have a smartphone in detail.

Do I Need A Tablet If I Have A Smartphone: The Reasons Behind

You should not buy a tablet to replace a smartphone. Though the tablet is more powerful and gives more fun than smartphones. It also performs light computing ( such as: web surfing) better than a PC or laptop.

However, a tablet has been added in our life, something like an extra device. So it  may be more pleasant to you. This is why you can purchase a new tablet.

The Advantage Of A Tablet?

A tablet is the powerhouse of productivity A tablet is better than a smartphone for some productivity apps. As it has more space on the screen, it can contain more features and options which a smartphone can’t.

Nowadays tablets are the strongest combination of graphics chip, storage space, processor, memory which is beating many smartphones.

There are some basic and heavy computing tasks like creating documents, writing emails, browsing the Internet, editing videos and photos, spreadsheets, processing databases, and rendering 3D models that can be handled with ease with a tablet.

Tablets are next-level creativityAs tablets have large screens, you can enjoy multiple functions jointly on the tab easily. You can use a tablet as a GPS navigation device. And this large screen makes google maps much more powerful than a smartphone. 

It also has more privileges for visual elements. It supports a digital stylus which helps with note-taking, coloring, illustrating to annotating, drawing, etc on a large tablet screen.

Tablet is best for gaming and streamingA tablet offers you a brilliant experience of enjoying TV shows, streaming movies as well as gaming, photos, videos, speakers, audio, and so on.

Comparatively the quality of the tablet screen is much better for the enjoyment of these forms.

A tablet is very convenient for reading You may like to read on a large screen. If that is the case, you can get more encouragement reading on a tablet.

Obviously, you can change word format, size, zoom, or anything. So. you can read with pleasure any contexts, articles, journals, or periodicals via tablet easily.

A Comparison Between A Tablet And A Smartphone

                Tablet          Smartphone
Tablet has a large screen. such as: 10-inch Tablets has the Height- 9.8″, Width-  7″, Thickness- .4″ weight- 1.0 pound.13-inch tablets has the Height- 12″, Width- 8″, Thickness-.4″, weight- 1.5 pounds.A smartphone has a small screen. Such as: Galaxy S9 resolution – 360×740 size – 5.8 inch.iPhone XR resolution – 828×1792, Screen Size – 6.1 inch.
2. Comparatively, tablets have low prices. Such as: Samsung Galaxy A7- 194.99 USD Huion Inspiroy Dial – 109.99 USD2. The smartphone is normally higher priced than a tablet. Such as: Samsung Galaxy A52  424.99 USDOneplus 8. 408.32 USD.
3. It has a more powerful and lifespan battery. Most of the tablets have 5000 mhz rechargeable batteries.3. It has a better rechargeable power around 2000-5000 MHz.
4. The tablet has the ability to perform multiple functions at a time.4. A smartphone can perform one more function at a time.
5. Tablet hardware can be damaged easily.5. A smartphone also can be damaged easily but repairable.
6. It has High Capabilities.6. It has High Capabilities.
7. Tablets are Comfortable on traditional keyboards.7. A smartphone allows all kinds of keyboards.
8. A tablet has no optical drivers system.8. It has no optical drivers system.
9. Some tablets have many port systems. 9. Normally a smartphone has one port system. 
10. The LCD screen may be hard to repair and more expensive.10. Comparatively the LCD screen may be easy to repair and cheap. 

Now, hopefully, you can decide which device is appropriate for your needs.

A Comparison Between A Tablet and A smartphone

Can I Purchase A Tablet In Replacement For A Smartphone?

A smartphone is a part and parcel of our life. There are many functions in smartphones that can’t be supported in tablets. Smartphones have some most important features which you can’t get with any other devices.

If you think about purchasing a tablet for the replacement of a smartphone, you may miss many important features. A tablet can not fulfill all the features that you can expect from a smartphone. This is why you should not purchase a tablet for the replacement of a smartphone.

But you should purchase a tablet to fulfill your advanced demand that has been mentioned above. However, if you do not have a tablet, you may miss some special features that only a tablet can fulfill.

Which Device Is Better Between A Smartphone And A Tablet?

Before purchase, you have to know why you are choosing a device between a tablet and a smartphone. Your choice may depend on your required features.

If you are a video, music, or movie lover, you should choose a tablet for using those features. On the other hand, if you need to communicate frequently or work on the internet, you need a smartphone.


Do I need a phone or a tablet?

As far as communication goes, phones are superior to tablets because they are more convenient to use when you are on the go. Tablets, on the other hand, have larger screens with which you can run programs and watch movies. So the answer depends on your requirements.

Is a smartphone better than a tablet?

A smartphone is a great device for making calls, messaging, and checking social media. But if you want an entertainment gadget, the tablet wins. On the other hand, the tablet provides a larger screen for watching videos and playing games.

What is the advantage of a tablet over a smartphone?

Aside from being thin and light, tablets are less expensive than smartphones with similar functions. Tablets are known to be cheaper than most flagship smartphones. Moreover, tablets can reduce smartphone costs.


Different users purchase different devices to fulfill their demands. So likely you have to choose those devices that can maintain your necessary features. 

Do I need a tablet if I have a smartphone? Well, this depends on some facts. And I think now you are capable of making decisions about what you should do for yourself.

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