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Tablets Have GPS

The use of tablets is increasing globally day by day. Hence, tablet functionalities always surprise us. But it may remain a question in your mind that “do tablets have GPS?”. 

And the answer will be “yes”, most of the tablets have built-in GPS. A tablet with GPS can help you to direct where you need to go. The best thing about GPS is it can determine where you are while you are there. 

Let’s dig more!

Do Tablets Have GPS: The Ultimate Answer

The demand for tablets containing GPS is increasing. Though GPS navigation devices have become very costly and unprofitable, the deniable fact is that tablets have been killing the GPS market for the last decade. 

What is GPS?

GPS, the Global Positioning System tells you where you are in the world.

It is one of the hottest technologies around and no wonder. 

Consider these various uses such as determining a position, navigating, monitoring objects or personal movement, creating maps of the world, GPS makes it possible to make precise time measurements.

Do Tablets Have GPS

How Does GPS Technology Actually Work?

GPS works with “Trilateration” technology. This technology works based on collecting signals from satellites and giving output location information. 

It’s true that sufficient information about its location can not be provided with a single satellite. When a signal is sent by satellite, a circle is created with a radius. This circle is measured from the GPS device.

When the second satellite is added, it creates a second circle. The coverage area is narrowed down by satellite to one of two points where the circles are intersected.

Location can finally be determined with the third satellite as the device is at the intersection of all three circles. It depicts that we live in a 3D world. That indicates each satellite produces a sphere. 

Which Tablet Has The Most Accurate GPS

Well, if you are a tablet lover and highly interested in buying a tablet that offers an accurate GPS, then you are in the right place.

So, here are the ten most outstanding GPS tablets that come with the most accurate GPS

Brand Name Price
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0$175.00
Garmin DriveSmart 55 & Traffic$229.99
Garmin dezI 780 LMT-S$399.99
The Garmin RV 785$524.98
TomTom Rider 550 $399.99
Dragon Touch K10$153.97
Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e$412.96
Huawei MediaPad T5$173.95
Apple iPad Air$749.00
Lenovo Tab P11$224.02 

Do Samsung Tablets Have Internal GPS?

All of the modern Samsung tablets provide internal GPS. In the case of GPS, Samsung manufacturers always care about their GPS lovers. Samsung is a mid-range tablet that comes with a geolocation function. 

Does Tablet GPS Have Built-in?

Modern technologies have ensured that most tablets have GPS. And it will have a built-in GPS if it is provided with a cellular connection.

Android tablets use a GPS sensor for those apps which are location-based. Such as maps, browsers, and cameras.

Tablets with built-in GPS are much more cost-effective. With them, maps are updated automatically.

How To Tell If A Tablet Has GPS?

  • Turn your tablet on.
  • Go to “Home screen”
  • Swipe your tablet’s screen from top to bottom.
  • Thus the “ Notifications bar” will be visible.
  • If you have Quick settings set, then search for the “Location” or “GPS” option.
  • When you find the “Location” or “GPS” option, simply tap on it and your GPS is ready to go.

Process of Activating GPS on my Android?

1. Go to the  ‘Settings’ menu.

2. Tap on the ‘Location’. Sometimes, your phone may show ‘Location services’ or ‘Location access’. 

3. Click  Location “On” for activating or “Off” for deactivating your phone’s GPS.

Do Wi-Fi Only Tablets Have GPS?

As you know there are plenty of tablets that have different features like some tablets have cellular connectivity, some support WI-FI only and some are combinations of both.

Well, it’s a personal suggestion to read the specifications before buying a tablet. Generally, wi-fi only tablets have GPS. Most of the tablets have GPS whether they are Wi-Fi-only or cellular. 

The cellular models are also convenient. Hence, as long as you’re in an area with a good network area, you can enjoy a fast and stable connection with cellular models. 

Using Your Tablet As A GPS Navigator?

  • Make sure your tablet has a GPS function.
  • Install “NAVFREE” and download maps.
  • Set your default address
  • Input your trip
  • Go for it.

Benefits of GPS

  1. GPS is so easy to navigate because it tells you the direction for every term you are taking. 
  2. GPS works in all weather.
  3. GPS costs are low. 
  4. 100% coverage on earth.  
  5. Helps you to look at nearby restaurants, hotels, and gas stations.
  6. GPS signals are out there worldwide. 
  7. Online MAPs offer Real-Time Updates 

Drawbacks of GPS

  • GPS is used on a battery-oriented device. So there is a possibility of battery failure.
  • You may need an external power supply which is not possible all the time.
  • Sometimes GPS signals are not always accurate because of some obstacles like buildings or trees.
  • Sadly, GPS chips are hungry for power which drains the battery for about 8 to 12 hours. 
  • Replacement of the battery is quite frequent.
  • GPS doesn’t penetrate solid walls.


How do I know if my tablet has GPS?

After turning on your tablet, go to the Settings menu. Look for the GPS or Location option in Settings. Because many manufacturers build their tablet models differently. So you may also look for Location under the Privacy area.

Can I use my tablet as a GPS without Internet?

MapFactor Navigator is a free GPS navigation app for Android phones and tablets. Maps are stored on the SD card, thus no internet connection is required. After installation, it will prompt you to download the voice guide in your language.

Do WiFi tablets have GPS?

Now all tablets feature GPS. A cellular tablet will have GPS built-in since cellular networks use GPS for tracking location. Android tablets have GPS sensors for maps, browsers, and cameras.


A lot of curious people want to know “do tablets have GPS” before buying them. The ultimate answer is  “yes”, you can go with it and use the tablet as a GPS navigator.

Well, it is obvious that there will be both pros and cons of a device but GPS systems indeed are one of the most demanding features of a tablet. 

So, tablets with GPS may be your ideal choice.

Best of luck!

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