How Long Do Huion Nibs Last? Ans Here

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How Long Do Huion Nibs Last

Huion pen tablets are becoming more and more popular with users. These graphic tablets are manufactured especially for the designers who want to show some creativity in this field. Users are going through satisfaction with the performance of the tablets.  

Huion pen tablets need a pen to draw on the tablet’s surface. The nib of the pen is so essential to last long. But how long do Huion nibs last?

Huion nibs last two to three years in general. Its lifespan can be broadened with careful use.     

How Long Do Huion Nibs Last?

Usually, Huion nibs last two to three years with average use. This is a decent lifespan for a tablet pen’s nib. It generally makes users satisfied. But cproper care must be taken to have the long lifespan of Huion nibs. 

How Long Do Huion Nibs Last

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How To Fix A Huion Nib?

Huion pen nibs last pretty long; it may show some issues too. It may be damaged or don’t work correctly. It may cause hovering problems or unwanted touch.

The best solution to these problems is to change the nib of the pen. Thus, it can be fixed.

When Should The Nib Be Replaced?

Huion Pen nibs have to be changed within a certain period. There are some signs to determine the time when to change the nib. They are:

  • The edge of the nib becomes so sharp.
  • The nib length becomes so short, such as 1 mm only.
  • The nib can’t work correctly.

 If you notice any sign of the above, it is high time you changed the nib.  

The Process Of Replacing A Nib

You must have got a nib-removal as soon as you bought the tablet. Use this tool to remove the nib easily. Then buy a new one that is compatible with your pen. Please insert it into the nib in a firm way.

After following all the steps, finally, the nib has been replaced and is ready to use.

Where To Find The Replacement?

The pens might be delivered with one or more extra nibs. Find them out and use them. Where to find it? The possible places they can be in are mentioned below:

  • The extra nibs can be in the pen case or the pen stand given with the pen. Please have a look.
  • On the back of the device, there might be a removable tool compartment. Check whether the nib is there.

In case of failure to find out the extra nib, you should buy a new one from any trusted shop.

How Long Do The Pens Last?

The pens usually last for six months to one year. So, you may have to change the pen two or three times within the lifespan of your device. Being careful can make it last longer.

What To Do To Last It Longer?

The ways to maintain to make the nibs last longer are as follows:

  • Clean the pen regularly and Keep it far from dust.
  • Use the nib carefully. Push it softly while drawing on the surface.
  • Still, it can be damaged. If so, then replace it.


Huion has been serving good quality service for years. Huion pen tablets have become one of the top choices among users who love to create designs. And nibs are the essential part of the pen attached to the tablet.

So, the nib must last as long as the expectation. By now, you might have got the answer: how long do Huion nibs last?

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