How To Charge A Nabi Tablet Without A Charger?

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How To Charge A Nabi Tablet Without A Charger

Imagine that you’re at a business function, out for shopping, or on an outdoor trip. Suddenly you realize that your nabi tablet’s battery has reached critical levels and there is no other way to get an electricity port. 

Then the most disgusting moment comes when you look into your bag and unfortunately, you have forgotten to bring your charger also. Now it’s a really tough situation to handle.

Well, just relax. You also have some choices. And this article will help you to know how to charge a nabi tablet without a charger

So without making any delay, let’s learn something new.

How To Charge A Nabi Tablet Without A Charger

How to Charge a Nabi Tablet Without a Charger

If you forget, lose, or don’t have your Nabi tablet charger, don’t worry. You can still use your tablet. When people go on vacation, they often forget to pack the charger with them.

Your nabi tablet can still be charged if you don’t have an adapter or charger. Here you are shown below.

Charge with the assistance of USB ports:

The majority of USB outlets available in airports, hotels, and certain coffee shops are capable of charging a basic Nabi tablet with sufficient power. 

Some hotels have USB connections incorporated into the lamps and bedside tables of their guest rooms. They are typical of the USB-A form, which is universally compatible with all kinds of Nabi tablets.

Step 1: To use the charging cable, insert the USB end into a USB port that is accessible.

Step 2: Connect the opposite end of the cable to your Nabi tablet

Charge with the assistance of USB ports

Charge with the assistance of a power bank:

There may be a situation when you need to use a USB port immediately and cannot locate one. To charge a Nabi tablet under such circumstances, you’ll need to go with a power bank or other portable power source. 

The power stored in the power banks is transferred to your Nabi tablet, which begins to charge it.

 Step 1: You have to charge the power bank before charging the nabi tablet.

Step 2: The second step is to shut down your nabi tablet and attach it to a USB cord so that it can connect both the power bank and your tablet

power bank

Make use of a solar-powered charger 

A solar-powered charger is an excellent option for those who like outdoor experiences. The only thing that a solar-powered charger needs to function is sunshine. 

Maybe you’re curious about how a solar battery works. Let me explain. 

When a gadget is exposed to sunlight, it charges a battery, which is then utilized to charge the nabi tablet immediately. This is the other method of charging a Nabi tablet.

Step 1: Position the charger so that it can gather sunlight. Or strap it to your backpack so that it can charge while you’re hiking or walking.

Step 2: Connect your charging cord to both the charger and your tablet using the USB connector.

solar-powered charger 

Charge Your Tablet Using Your Car’s Power Adapter:

Modern automobiles are equipped with USB ports, which may be used to charge mobile devices while on the road. If you don’t have one, you may purchase an adaptor that will allow you to charge your nabi tablet via it.

Step 1: The first step is to start your automobile or put it in accessory mode.

Step 2: Connect one end of your charging cable to the USB port or adapter in your vehicle and the other end to the USB port or adapter on your nabi tablet.

Car's Power Adapter

How long will it take to charge a Nabi tablet?

To be fully charged, the nabi should only take around 4-5 hours, and the device may be used while it is charging. However, it is not suggested due to the possibility of damage to the charger or charge port. If your nabi tablet is not charging correctly, it is possible that you may want a new charger.

What is the cause of your nabi does not charge?

It’s possible that the charger or the power adapter charger is defective. Try this strategy to see whether your Nabi begins to charge. 

Remove the cord from the power adapter and then attach it to a USB port on your computer that has been turned on. Then connect the charging tip to the Nabi tablet and turn it on.

If it doesn’t begin to charge, your adapter is malfunctioning and has to be changed.


Everybody these days has smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. If you use your nabi tablet a lot for everyday necessities, you may run out of battery before the day is over.

To get more power, you’ll need to charge it. And fortunately, you would find alternatives if you forgot to take the charger with you. 

Hope this article has helped you to know all the possible ways how to charge a nabi tablet without a charger.

So don’t worry about it. Just go outside and enjoy a relaxing day with your nabi tablet! 

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