Ipad Charging Port Repair Cost

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Ipad Charging Port Repair Cost

The first thing most people notice when their iPad charging port stops working is that it’s not charging at all. However, this is pretty easy to identify because you can just take the case off and see whether there’s something wrong with that connection point. 

If you see a crack in the plastic or if it looks like something might have been bent out of place, then this means that something has gone wrong with your port and it needs to be fixed as soon as possible!

Hence, iPad charging port repair costs vary as it depends on several facts. And throughout this article, you are going to explore a complete guideline on it. 

What is the iPad Charging Port Repair Cost?

Repairing a charging port may cost you nothing to 649$ based on the type of iPad you have and what kind of warranty your device has. The repair cost will also vary depending on the damage and whether or not it’s covered under warranty.

Warranty repair cost: $0

Apple offers one year warranty for every iPad model for any product defects. Thus if you have an iPad that has a warranty and needs to be repaired its charging port, will likely cost you nothing. Remember that, this warranty does not cover any accidental damage.

AppleCare+ repair cost: $49

The cost of repairing an iPad charging port varies depending on the situation. If your iPad has warranty coverage, it will be covered under the AppleCare+ plan. This will cost you 49$ for repairing the charging port.

The AppleCare+ plan offers two-year coverage for any repair under $129, which includes screen replacements and battery replacements. If your device does not have AppleCare+, you may still be able to get assistance from Apple—just know that it will cost more than if your instrument had AppleCare+.

Professional iPad repair cost: $75 to $649

If you don’t have AppleCare+, you can still get your device repaired by a professional service provider. This will cost you 75$ to 649$. The cost mainly depends on your iPad model. The latest models tend to cost you more than the older models.

Third-Party Repair Companies’ cost

If you are looking for cheaper repair services on your iPad, some companies offer this service at greatly reduced rates compared to what Apple charges for this same service. 

But it is not recommended as these companies use cheap aftermarket parts for repair service & you may lose your warranty status also. Otherwise, there is no problem & you can go for this if you are on a tight budget.

How Can You know the iPad Charging Port is Broken?

If you’re experiencing problems charging your iPad, it’s likely because the charging port is broken. Before you go out and buy a new one, some signs can help you determine if your port is busted:

– The iPad won’t charge when plugged in.

– The iPad won’t charge with another adapter also.

– It takes longer than usual to charge the iPad.


So far you have known from this article that the cost of repairing an iPad charging port varies depending on the situation. If you need to repair the charging port of your iPad, you may contact AppleCare+ right away. because repairing from the third-party center will be costly.

The iPad charging port is one of the most important parts of an iPad. It’s the part that allows for data transfer between the device and its charger. It’s also what allows you to connect to Wi-Fi networks and you won’t be able to use your device as normal. 

As a result, if your iPad charging port is damaged or broken, get it repaired before your life becomes a living hell. 

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