How To Clean iPad Charging Port

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How To Clean iPad Charging Port

The charging port of the iPad, which is USB C, is the most important part of an iPad. You can do many things by using the charging port. But sometimes, it may not work for specific reasons. 

One of the main things that can solve the problem is to clean the charging port of the iPad. After that, your every problem may be solved instantly. In fact, there are so many ways that will help you to clean the port very well. 

Stay connected with us to know the most important ways which will be very important to clean the charging port of your iPad. 

How I Will Understand That I Need To Clean The Ipad Charging Port 

You will get plenty of signs which will tell you that you have to clean your iPad charging port. At that time, you will notice that your iPad will not recharge properly. That means your USB port is very dirty. For this, the iPad can not take charge from the USB power adapter. 

But sometimes, you will see that your iPad has a full charge. In reality, the device does not charge. The full charge is shown because of the heavy dust inside the charging port. 

The other problem you will face is that you can not transfer through the USB C port. In the meantime, you will have several problems such as it will not work properly. 

Moreover, you can not place the cable into the charging port in place because of the dust or fluff building up into the charging port. For this, your iPad will not take charge. 

What Will Be The Necessary Steps Before Cleaning The Charging Port 

Before going to clean the charging port of your iPad, you need to do some things that are very important. First, you need to switch off your device. This is how you can clean the device without feeling any hassle. 

After that, you have to manage a flashlight so that you can use the light when you clean the charging port. 

How do I clean my iPad charging port? 

There are so many necessary ways that will be very essential for cleaning your iPad charging port. In fact, you will feel delighted after cleaning the iPod. Because those ways are very easy to apply.  

So, let’s see those necessary ways:

Clean the iPad charging port with compressed air 

For cleaning the iPad with compressed air, you need to buy an air duster. The compressed air can remove dust from the iPad charging port easily. After pointing the air nozzle into the charging port, you need to hit the straw of the air duster for spraying inside the port. 

Moreover, you should set the air duster a little away from the iPad charging port so that the dust comes out properly. After that, you should check whether the dust has been cleaned with the flashlight. 

Cleaning the charging port with the toothpick 

Sometimes, the dust and dirt can not be cleaned properly. At that time, you need to clean the charging port with the toothpick. If you can not see the port properly, then you should use a shining flashlight. 

The toothpick will sweep the wall of the charging port. As a result, dust will come out. But you have to sweep the walls of the port very gently. Otherwise, it will be very harmful to your device. Because, the inside of the port is a very important area. 

If you think that cleaning the charging port with the toothpick is very risky, then you can use plastic dental floss. The dental floss will not be so risky for your port. 

Using the cotton swab to clean the charging port 

You can use the cotton swab with some drops of alcohol to clean the stickiness of the charging port. After that, the area will be fresh and clean. Then, you should give some time to the charging port for drying. 

Take your iPad to the Apple store to clean it 

If you can not clean the charging port or you think it will be too risky for your iPad, then you should take your iPad to an Apple store. They will clean the port very well without having any issues. 

Moreover, if your iPad has some problem with the port, then they will fix it. 


To put it simply, you should check sometimes whether the charging port of your device is clean or not. In fact, you should keep your iPad in a safe place where it has no dust or dirt, streak, and lint-freee.

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