Is 64GB enough for iPad

Walter Moore

Is 64GB enough for iPad

An iPad is a very helpful tablet PC that allows the user to use and work on several apps at a time. Apple Inc provides a variety of iPad models with diverse storage capacity options to meet its target audience.

However, the latest iPad models offer a minimum storage space of 64 GB and a maximum space of 2TB. Most of the buyers who purchase an iPad as an entertainment source tend to buy 64GB of space. But it is important to know to what extent 64GB storage space will serve one’s needs.

Is 64GB enough for an iPad?

Generally, nobody wants to pay extra money for unnecessary storage size. Hence, it is crucial to recognize which storage space is perfect for you. Before buying an iPad, one should know whether 64GB would be sufficient for his/her needs.

Below we have pointed out several types of users and their desire for the storage size to help you decide which storage space will be perfect for you!

Basic User

There are many users who buy an iPad to have a leisure time partner. They buy this gadget to watch YouTube videos, google anything, place online orders, video calls their relatives and friends, and so on.

If you are such kind of user, 64GB would be more than enough for you. Yes, you have read that right! Thus, 64GB storage space would be the best option for all the basic users out there.


College students usually need an iPad to research online, keep notes and complete their assignments or homework. It would be an ideal decision for them to get 64GB of space. Moreover, it would also cost cheaper for students. Hence, 64GB would be fine for students. 

Photographers or filmmakers

Usually, photographers or filmmakers don’t tend to use iPad as their primary source of editing, however, there are many who do that since iPads are easier to carry.

Photographers or filmmakers normally click pictures or videos using a DSLR camera or mirrorless camera, such cameras create photos that take up large space. Therefore, it’s crystal clear that 64GB will never be enough for photographers and filmmakers!


There are abundant people who need to work while traveling. Since iPads are smaller in size to carry, people may urge to work on iPad while traveling.

But the question is, how much space will they require? Well, the answer depends on the type of work they do. For example, if you are consistent in using cloud services, 64GB space can suffice all your daily needs, whereas, a person who deals with heavy files will require much larger space. 

We recommend traveling workers or officers buy higher space to be on the safe side.


Generally, gaming apps take up much space, and people who are addicted to games tend to download numerous gaming applications, as a result, they may face a shortage of space quite often. In such cases, 64GB of space will be very unsatisfactory. Hence, gamers should purchase iPad with higher storage sizes, for instance, 256GB space.

Movie Lovers

Well, if you watch movies online, 64GB might work for you. However, in most cases, movie lovers tend to download movies. It also makes it easier for them to pass their leisure time while traveling. Moreover, they can watch movies regardless of having the internet.

However, in such scenarios, 64GB would be quite insufficient. This is because people download HD quality movies these days which is quite large file and will desire higher space surely.


Whether 64GB is enough for an iPad, undoubtedly, depends on the type of user. If you want to have an iPad just for your entertainment purpose, we suggest you buy 64GB.

However, if you have to deal with larger files, there is no way that 64GB would suffice your requirements!

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