Surface Pro-Dual Monitor Without Dock

Walter Moore

Surface Pro-Dual Monitor Without Dock

Do you have a surface pro and want to use the dual monitor without a dock? Then this article will be helpful for you!

For many reasons, we feel the necessity of using the dual monitor. It is simple to work with and will give you the highest purpose of using two monitors together. It turns your tablet into a desktop mood.

If you feel stress from multitasking with a single computer, then the dual monitor will relieve you with the benefit of extended workstations and control from a primary monitor.

What is a dock?

A dock or docking station is a device that allows your laptop or tablet to connect many devices simultaneously, including the keyboard, monitor, mouse, printer, SD card, backup drives, and more devices at once.

If you have a laptop, tablet, or computer and want to use multiple devices at a time without having disconnection and reconnection due to the limited ports, in that case, you can use a docking station.

It will be a handy gadget that provides you with a hassle-free work experience. Especially a dock station is necessary for professionals. Because nowadays, tablets have few ports but professionals need to connect their many desired devices at a single time and have to open multiple tabs or programs. As a result, dock station has become more popular day by day.

Why do you need a dual monitor?

Increasing productivity is one of the most significant advantages of using dual monitors because it gives a larger virtual space. Everyone wants to be fast and productive. A dual monitor allows you to enjoy multitasking and save time in a very efficient way.

You can experience different operating systems and get an excellent work environment. once you have a dual monitor set up, you can run other programs and monitor them together.

Nowadays, everyone wants to save time and adequately invest their energies. As a result, by using dual monitors, you would do maximum work in the possible lowest time.

Almost every computer and laptop support a dual monitor system by nature. It is easy and user-friendly, which accelerates workflow. On top of that, dual monitor strengths in your communication skills through zoom, google meet, skype, etc. It helps you to collaborate on business projects.

How to connect surface pro to a dual monitor?

There are just a few steps to follow to set up a dual monitor with the surface pro. 

  1. Plug-in monitors display directly into the mini display port or the USB-C port to the side of the surface pro.
  2. Click the windows key or open the windows menu.
  3. Go to the settings and Click on the System option
  4. Then click on display settings and go to multiple display settings.
  5. Scroll and ensure ” Extended these displays” must be selected.
  6. Now go to the top, arrange the monitor layout, and press on “identify” to select screen numbering.
  7. Finally, select each monitor’s resolution, display, and orientation.


Now we can jump to the point that Setting up surface pro to a dual monitor without a dock is worth it. Having a dual monitor gives you a lot of benefits that improve your productivity as a whole. And you will get the smoothest experience as an end-user.

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