Is It Possible To Unlock An iPad Without Apple ID?

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Is It Possible To Unlock An iPad Without Apple ID

Apple iPads are highly popular among users for their outstandingly well-furnished features. The security system of apple Ipads is also one of a kind which makes it more extraordinary.

For security purposes, you need an Apple ID to unlock an IPad. But in case of emergency is it possible to unlock the iPad without having an apple id? It’s a Yes that via using some methods, you can unlock an iPad without even using an apple id.

Let’s dig into these methods which can help us in unlocking an iPad without having an apple id!

Can you unlock an iPad without an Apple ID using DFU mode?

The technique of using DFU mode to unlock the iPad without having an apple id indicates the process of where all contents of your device will be erased. And then you reset it to its default settings. 

But to avail of this system, there is one condition, and that is to remember the screen passcode of your iPad. If you remember it then you can easily access the settings app and thus you can turn your iPad to DFU mode.

Firstly you need to go to the settings option, then there is an option called general.

By going there, you can find ‘reset’. In this option, you have to tap on the ” Erase All Content & Settings” option.

Then by entering your iPad screen passcode, you have to confirm you want to erase your device. You have to make sure to take a backup of your data before you proceed with the process.

How to unlock an iPad without an apple id through Apple ID password reset?

A way of unlocking your iPad can be with an apple id password reset. And here are the steps:

  • When your Apple ID is logged in on a ipad, then to perform this process, you need to go to Apple menu of this ipad & you have to click on “System preferences”. 
  • In this, you will find the “Apple ID” option. Then click on “Password & Security“.
  • After that click “Change password“. Then you need to enter the Mac screen password & have to click “Allow” to let the process happen.

But when your Apple ID is logged in on a phone, then you have to use it a different way.

Firstly you need to go to the “Settings” option and then you have to tap your name. Then you have to go to the “Password & security” option

After that, you need to click on the “change password” option.

After all these, all you have to do is enter the iPhone passcode so that you can reset the apple id password.

Unlocking iPad without apple id through Lockaway?

Lockaway is software that can be your savior to unlock an iPad without an apple id. It seems easy & free to use. To avail of this, you need to follow some steps.

Firstly download & install the Lockaway app on your computer. 

Then for connecting the iPad to the computer, you have to use a suitable cable. 

After that go to the installed app & tap on “unlock apple ID“.

In this option, you need to hit the “Unlock now” to remove the apple id.

Then after a wait of a few moments, you should get the confirmation that you have successfully removed your Apple ID.

How to unlock it without an apple id by putting it into recovery mode via iTunes?

iTunes can also help you in unlocking your iPad without having an apple id. In this method, you have to first open iTunes. Then your iPad needs to be connected to your computer with a cable.

Now, you have to press the ipad’s home button for quite a long time & then you need to press the sleep or wake button parallelly. Continues pressing for a long time to witness a resume screen which indicates that your iPad has turned into recovery mode. 

After that, all you have to do is choose summary & recover the ipad.


With the help of explained ways, you can easily access your iPad without an apple id. However, the most simple way to do this is using Lockaway. Whereas, other ways are also usable according to your situation.

Happy using!

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