Surface Pro 8 Battery life

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Surface Pro 8 Battery life

The Surface Pro 8 has been a very popular tablet for its marvelous design and ingenious battery life. It is a very powerful tablet indeed. 

However, the battery of the tablet is very excellent as well. In fact, you can use the tablet for longer because of its battery. Surprisingly, the battery life of the tablet is around 16 hours or more.

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The battery life of Surface Pro 8 

The battery life of Surface Pro 8 is good, no doubt. You will get meaningful battery life on the tablet. In fact, it is better than the other series of tablets such as Surface Pro 7 or 7+. 

The other device of Surface Pro is very well designed, with high-end function and features which is capable of handling all your work. But, If you don’t proper care of the battery, then you can have the worst battery life. However, you will get an improved battery in the Surface Pro 8 tablet. 

Microsoft developed the Pro 8 tablet with a great battery lifespan. Apart from the battery life, the company also improved the versatility of the tablet. 

Your experience with the Pro 8 battery life can be horrible. However, sometimes, the battery issue can be solved after giving the update of your tablet

The experience of the battery life of the tablet can depend on how you use your tablet. 

How long does the Surface Pro 8 battery stay?

The battery of the Surface Pro 8 will last 16 hours a day at least. If you compare it with the other models of the tablet, then it can be a huge time for you. 

If you surf the website consistently, then the battery will last for approximately  9 hours 6 minutes, and 33 seconds. You can not use your tablet more than that before recharging. 

After heavy usage of the tablet like watching movies, listening to songs from Spotify, playing high qualification video games, and so on, the battery will not last 8 hours or more. It will last at least 7 hours. 

When you use the tablet frequently just for some light work, then its battery will remain for 16 hours. Hence, you are able to hold the battery for up to 16 hours or more. 

What are the good sides of the Surface Pro 8 battery?

You will get some advantages through the battery of the tablet. Here are the advantages of the tablet’s battery:

  • You will get the first charging battery on the tablet. For this, it will not take so much time for recharging. In fact, it will discharge quickly at a very steady rate. 
  • You are able to do official work when you travel by plan. At that time, the device may give you 13.5 hours of battery life. 
  • The tablet has a power mode function. You can save your battery life after enabling the option. 
  • The battery has a high energy power density which will allow the small size of the cell. 

Does the Surface Pro 8 battery drain easily?

The battery of Surface Pro 8 drains easily for some reason. It may drain 1% per minute. In this situation, you should not use your tablet. If your apps consume a lot of battery, then your battery can be drained anytime. 

The latest Windows and firmware updates can be a reason for draining battery so quickly. In contrast, if you do not update your battery and the other functions of your tablet, then this can be a cause of battery drain. 

The high brightness of the display is the cause of battery draining. If the tablet remains at full brightness all the time, then it will have a bad impact on the battery. 

The low temperature will damage the battery life. If the tablet stays in a cold place for so long, then the battery will start to drain. 

What are the processes for making the battery longer?

There are some good tips to keep your battery healthy and longer. These tips is approached by the Microsoft community which are:

You have to use the battery saver:

For using the battery saver, you have to do some setting. In your tablet, you will get an option called power and battery in the setting. 

There, you can find the battery-saver option. After turning it on, the battery will not consume so fast. It will save your battery life. 

You have to change the setting of the display 

You have to go to a setting option. Then, you need to do power and sleep setting first. For a long-lasting battery, you need to reduce the screen refresh rate. 

In display, you should use a dark theme and background for using the tablet with a low brightness. 


To sum up, the battery of a Surface Pro 8 will give you good service, if you maintain the battery life smoothly. You will not face any problem after having the tablet. 

Microsoft will give you the warranty card with the tablet. If you face any problem with the battery life of your tablet, then you can repair it for free. As a result, you do not have any tension about it. 

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