Is Surface Pro 8 Good For Gaming

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Is Surface Pro 8 Good For Gaming

An amazing device for the gaming world can be the Surface Pro 8!

This tablet is a must-have for game lovers. Hence, it is a very known device to game lovers because of its amazing capability of running all the updated and latest games. 

The tablet can be used as a gaming tablet. Because it is very good for playing games. You can play the game you want to play by doing a little adjustment of the settings of the tablet.  

Stay tuned to this article to get important information about the gaming features of the tablet. 

Can you play high-end games on Surface Pro 8?

You can play high-end games by using the tablet. The tablet has come with a variety of components. In reality, it is a laptop but you can use it in tablet form. It is built with a strong processor and powerful gaming configuration.

The tablet can handle powerful games easily such as Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, Rocket League, GAT V, and so on. Here are some games: 


You can play GTA V on this tablet because of its core processor. After 6 years of being released, it has been a very famous game for all time. Luckily, this game is available in the Microsoft store. For this, you can buy this game easily. 


The tablet supports the two editions of Minecraft games. You will not face any problems while you play the game. In Particular, the company updated the OS of the tablet for running the Java version of the game. 

The 2nd edition of the game is very accessible on the tablet. You can play this game using its keyboard and mouse. 

Halo: Reach 

Now the most famous game Halo: Reach is available for the Microsoft tablet. To get this game, you have to buy it from the Microsoft store. You can play this game on the tablet at a very low setting. 

What are the gaming features of Surface Pro 8?

You will get every gaming configuration on this tablet. The company included the gaming features on the tablet which are given below:

The core of the CPU 

The tablet has come with an intel core i5 and intel core i7 CPU. You will find these 2 types of CPUs on the tablet. For this CPU, the tablet is able to run any high-powered game. 

Cooling System 

The tablet has a cooling solution. This system remains active all the time. Inside the tablet, it has 1 fan for keeping the tablet cool when you play games. 

As a consequence, your tablet will not get hot while you play powerful games. The vapor chamber is included in this tablet. 

The battery 

The battery of the tablet has come with the first charging system and USB power delivery system. Also, the battery capacity of the tablet is 51.5 WH. Having this battery, you are able to play games for more than 8 hours consistently. 

Graphics card 

The tablet consists of an integrated GPU which is Intel Iris Xe Graphics G7. In addition, the speed of the memory is very high which is 4.27 Gbps. 

RAM and ROM 

The storage of the tablet is 128, 256, 512, and 1024 GB respectively. After getting big storage on the tablet, you are able to install any kind of game. 

The tablet has 8, 16, and 32 GB ram respectively. For this, You will not face any difficulties with the storage of the games. 

Can you use the keyboard and mouse when you play a game?

You can use the other accessories of the tablet such as a keyboard, mouse, surface pen, and so on in the games. 

When you play games, you can use this tablet as a laptop. At that times, you will never feel that you are playing games on a tablet. 

Is Surface Pro 8 the best tablet for playing games?

You can say, the Surface Pro 8 is the best for games. The table is able to handle all types of action games. Hence, you can play any type of game on the tablet easily. This can be a gaming tablet for teenegers.

Despite the benefits, the tablet has some disadvantages for gaming. The tablet should increase its display size. For playing high-end games, it should have a big display so that you can play games comfortably. 

The company should update the Microsoft Surface line so that the tablet can be more worthy for gaming.  


If you miss your gaming device when you travel somewhere, then this device will be the best for you!

Because it is the best portable gaming device. The weight of the tablet is very light. You can play on the tablet everywhere you want. 

The tablet is the latest device of the Surface series. The specifications of the device are more than enough for playing games. You can enjoy various games by using the tablet. 

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