Can Surface Pro Run Minecraft?

Walter Moore

Can Surface Pro Run Minecraft

Microsoft has not yet promoted the fact that the Surface Pro is the best gaming device in the game world. By the way, every configuration of this tablet is made based on high-specification games.

As a consequence, you can run Minecraft on the tablet. If the model of your tablet is too old, then you may face some problems while you run the game at first. Luckily, you can solve this problem without any trouble. 

Let’s go through this article to know the details about the Minecraft game on the tablet. Additionally, you will know what to do if the game does not run through your Surface tablet. 

Does Surface Pro support Minecraft?

When you run Minecraft through the tablet. In fact, the tablet will give you a great experience with this game. This tablet comes with Microsoft Windows operating system. For this, it acts like a laptop. As a result, it can run every program. So, you are able to play this game on the device. 

Minecraft has two types of genres such as the Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock version. Minecraft Java Edition is the previous version of the game. Your tablet will support these two versions of the game. 

This tablet will let you download or install the game. In addition, it will allow you to run the game. Astoundingly, the tablet will support every function of the game. 

Can you play the Minecraft Java version on Surface Pro?

You can play the Minecraft Java version on Surface Pro. However, it depends on the model of your tablet. Also, it depends on the upgrade of your tablet. 

You can not play Minecraft Java on the Surface Pro X tablet which runs the old version of the software. Because this game needs a system requirement for running on the tablet. Because of this, the user of the tablet could not run this game at first. 

In 2020, Microsoft came up with a new processor for the tablet. Additionally, they gave a special upgrade to the Surface Pro x series. After this upgrade, the tablet supports the Java edition of the game. 

Can you play Minecraft Bedrock edition on Surface Pro?

You can run the Minecraft Bedrock edition easily on the tablet. In fact, you are able to take full advantage of the tablet while you play this version of the game. This tablet came with a signature keyboard, mouse, and a Surface pen. 

You can play easily with these accessories. The main feature of the Bedrock version are cross-play.  The tablet allows you to use these features very well.

Moreover, LET remains connected to your tablet all the time. For this, you can play this game anywhere. The tablet supports the Bedrock version of Minecraft from the very beginning. 

Does Surface pro have any configuration for playing Minecraft?

Surface Pro has every configuration that is required for playing every version of the game. Here is the gaming configuration of Surface Pro:

The processor 

The intel core of the tablet is i5 and i7. Also, it has an intel core of m3. Actually, it depends on the series of the tablet. In addition, it has 4000 graphics which are integrated and HD. 

The Surface pro tablet comes with an SQ2 chip which is very important for running the Jawa edition of the Minecraft game. 

Storage and Memory 

The Surface tablet has 3 types of SSD which are 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB. You can run this game because it has enough space to handle the game. On the other hand, you will get 4 GB, 16 GB, or 8 GB ram on your tablet. 

you will not face any space-related problems when you play this game through this tablet. 

Is Surface Pro the best device for playing Minecraft? 

This tablet can be used for gaming. It has every feature for playing high-end games such as Minecraft, Roblox, and so on. In fact, it is a laptop tablet. 

This tablet has various components which make this tablet the best for playing games. Having the powerful processor i5, the tablet is able to run the high demanding game at a very low setting. 

On the other hand, this game will run very well throughout the device because of its operating system which is Windows 8. Not only Minecraft, but you can also play every type of game on this tablet. 


If you are a Surface Pro user, then you can play the two versions of Minecraft. The tablet will give you the best performance of the game. Because it is a powerful portable device for gaming. 

You can play the two editions of this game any place you want. If you don’t access the game, then do not worry so much about this. This problem will be solved after giving the update to your device. 

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