What Programs Is Huion Compatible With

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What Programs Is Huion Compatible With

Thinking about programs that can be used with your Huion Tablet? Puzzling with many options of drawing apps and want to know which are best for the Huion tablet? Then you are at the right place!

Since Huion is a drawing tablet, it works with most drawing apps. You’ll find many drawing software on many websites that you can download and get hands-on.

Such software is Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Adobe Spark, Krita, GIMP, etc. Some are free, some are paid and also some free software comes with paid pro versions. 

What Programs Is Huion Compatible With

There are many drawing software that is compatible with Huion Tablet like Krita, Autodesk  Sketchbook, GIMP, Adobe Spark, GIMP, Inkscape, Microsoft Paint 3D, etc. 

What Are The Most Popular Drawing Apps Compatible With Huoin?

Adobe Photoshop: It is the most popular, widely used drawing software that can be used with the Huion tablet. From logo design to animation, all types of drawings can be done with this software.

You can easily learn how to work with this software from numerous video tutorials that are available online. This software is reconcilable with Adobe Illustrator. 

Adobe Illustrator: It is also an amazing tool for your graphic design. It will give a neat working experience that you will love. This software is usable with all systems.

CorelDRAW: This software consists of all the necessary picture editing tools. Its interface is beginner-friendly. So if you’re someone new to digital drawing, then it will not be too difficult for you to master this drawing software.

With this application, you can edit images, do vector illustration, design layout, do typography, and many more!

InPixio Photo Studio Pro 11: Are you searching for a drawing tool that can get rid of bothersome details and fix errors? Then be delighted to learn that Inpixio Photo Studio Pro 11 is just a great choice for you. The background editing and object-removing features are just brilliant.

Clip Studio Paint: If you’re into digital drawing, then go for Clip Studio Paint. Bring your imagination to life, and create your own comic book or manga with this digital drawing software. You can also customize its interface.

Autodesk Sketchbook: Autodesk Sketchbook is a simple undistracted drawing software. You’ll find a quick tour option that will help you to get hands-on with the software easily. This software is supported by all devices.

Free Drawing Software

Below is some popular free software that you can download and start drawing with your Huion tablet:


  1. Does Huion have a drawing app?

Ans: Yes, they have a drawing app named ‘Huion Sketch’. This app is an android app that you can use with your Android device. 

  1. Is Huion Sketch like Procreate?

Ans: No, apparently not. Huion Sketch still has room for improvement to be like Procreate because Procreate gives a drawing experience that is superlative to Huion Sketch. 


Almost all drawing software is compatible with Huion. Download any software that serves your purpose whether it’s digital art or simple editing tool software and use it with your Huion tablet.

Before downloading, you have to just check whether it is compatible with the OS you’re using or your device’s windows version. Use free drawing software or any paid pro versions that suits you best.

Remember, the free software will not give you all the facilities of paid software. Happy delineation!

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