Can Huion Connect To Android?

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Can Huion Connect To Android

Since you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’re an Android user and want to know whether you can use the Huion tablets or not. Be happy to know that yes, you can.

Huion can be connected to Android devices like android phones, tablets, etc. But not every Android device will work with Huion tablets.

Do check your device’s model, whether it works with Huion tablets or not.

Can Huion Connect To Android

Huion tablets are compatible with some Android devices, but not with all. There is a list of Android devices that shows which devices can be connected to Huion tablets, given on Huion’s website. (Check here)

How to use Huion with an Android Phone

Here are a few steps to connect your Android phone with the Huion tablet:

  • Open ‘Settings’ on your phone.
  • Search for ‘Developer options’.
  • Turn on the ‘USB debugging’ and ‘Install via USB’ options.
  • Connect the OTG connector with the USB cable and connect your phone to the Huion tablet. The OTG adapter also comes with the Huion tablet box along with the other connecting cables.

That’s it! Now your phone is connected with your Huion device. All you need now is a drawing application. For that, you can download ‘Huion Sketch’ from ‘Playstore’, an official software for android from Huion.

How to use Huion with an Android Tablet

In the case of an Android tablet, it is just Plug and Play. There is no need to download any driver. Connect with your Huion device and you’re good to go. 

There is no option to customize the shortcut keys of Huion tablets and also for the stylus pen. Another important thing to keep in mind is that the pressure sensitivity of the stylus will actually depend on which app you will be using. 

Some may not support pressure sensitivity. This may cause inconvenience to some. Moreover, some lagging can also occur. Also, make sure that your android tablet’s Android version is at least 6.0 or higher.

Huion Sketch For Android

This application for android is a drawing software that comes with many features for graphics work. It comes with many professional tools. 

There is this ‘Cursor support’ for the Samsung phone users for an awesome drawing experience. There is an animation function named ‘Create Animation’ which will enable you to make different kinds of animation and let your ideas come to life. 

There are various kinds of brushes that you can choose from to support your drawing needs. There are color features, layer features, a light user interface, different filter adjustments, stroke counting features, etc in this application.


  1. Can Huion connect to an iPhone?

Ans: Yes some Huion tablets can be connected to iPhones, but please do check their compatibility before buying any.

  1. Is Huion Sketch free?

Ans: This application for android is free and simple to use. This application requires Android version 5.0 or above.


As you know by now Huion can be connected to Android. You just have to check the list of the Android devices that shows compatibility with the Huion devices.

With android devices, there are some limitations like the express keys are nonadjustable since there is no driver for that. Also for the same reason, the stylus’s keys can not be set at your will. 

Hope you have found this article helpful. Have a great day!

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