Who Makes Acer Tablets?

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Who Makes Acer Tablets

Acer is a trusted brand in consumer electronics such as laptops, computers, flash drives, tablets, and so on. It is a major vendor in the digital computer industry. 

Acer also does make tablets. Hence, though Acer tablets do not dominate the market, they have a large number of customers.

Recently they have made significant improvements and are now focusing on producing low-cost tablets. As a result, Acer tablets provide cutting-edge technology at a lower cost. 

For this reason, the Acer tablet is good to buy if you want to use a good-performing tablet on a tight budget. Here is more about Acer tablets.

Here Is The Short Answer: Who Makes Acer Tablet

Acer has several tablet series. Acer Iconia and Acer Enduro are two examples.  All Acer tablets are made by Acer Inc. 

Acer Inc. is a multinational manufacturing company based in Taiwan. The company was founded in 1976 and changed its name to Acer Inc in 1987.

Its primary products include laptops, computers, smartphones, tablets, and electronic and hardware components. It is one of the world’s largest computer vendors, ranking sixth in global unit sales in 2017.

Where Are Acer Tablets Made & Manufactured

The Taiwanese multinational company, Acer Inc manufactures the Acer tablet & Chromebook. Its headquarters is in Xizhi, New Taipei, Taiwan. Currently, the company is operating in 40 countries with around 8000 employees globally. 

Acer has manufacturing bases all around the world such as in Taiwan, Malaysia, China, India, Vietnam, etc. They also have manufacturing suppliers in these countries to support their productions.

Though Acer is a Taiwanese company, Acer tablets are primarily made in China as the company’s main manufacturing base is located in china.

The Products Of The Brand Acer

Acer is mainly in the hardware & consumer electronics business. Mostly they make laptops & computers, but they also make storage devices, tablet computers or monitors.

But as this article is about Acer tablets, we will discuss two top-notch Acer tablets. Here are the details about them.

Acer Enduro Urban T1

As the name implies, the Acer Enduro Urban T1 is an ideal companion for your daily adventures. Its slim and stylish design, combined with a military-grade body, makes it a durable and dependable tablet.

This tablet is MIL-STD-810H certified, which means it can withstand any rough and tough conditions. This tablet is also resistant to dust and water.

The device is powered by the MediaTek MT8167A Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A35 Processor, according to the specifications. It has 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage, which is standard for mid-range tablets.

It employs IPS technology for its display. The brightness of a 10.1-inch full HD widescreen is 450 nits. So you won’t need to seek shade outside, and the 6000mAh battery will keep you going for up to 6 hours.

However, all of these amazing features are available for purchase for only USD 200.

Acer Enduro Urban T3

The Acer Enduro Urban T3 is a more powerful version of the Urban T1. With a faster processor and more RAM and ROM than the Urban T1, this military-grade tablet is also water and dust-resistant. The latest Android 11 OS-based tablet has 4/64 GB storage and an octa-core A53/A73 multiprocessor.

This tablet features a larger 10.1″ LCD. The 6000mAh battery provides enough power to run the device. Despite having a large battery, this tablet weighs only about 1.3 pounds, making it lighter than the enduro urban T1.

This tablet’s design is also appealing. So, in terms of design and performance, this is one of the best Acer tablet options.

How Does The Brand Warranty Work

The brand warranty of Acer varies with its product. Usually, they offer 1 to 3 years of warranty depending on their product. 

For tablets, they generally give a 1-year limited warranty. For some tablet models like Enduro, they offer a limited 3-year warranty.

Are These Tablets Any Good? Some Reasons To Buy One

Acer is making tablets since 2010. These tablets are undoubtedly good. Acer tablets compete with Samsung’s or Lenovo’s tablets. Though Acer’s tablet isn’t cheap, you will get a good specs tablet at a low price. Here are some reasons to buy one.

A tablet with good specs

If you are looking for a good spec tablet at an affordable price, Acer is the one you should choose. Take an example for Acer Iconia Talk S. It has a MediaTek MT8735 processor with 2GB RAM & 32GB ROM. This processor is powerful enough to run applications smoothly. The 7.00-inch display is neither large nor small to be held in hand.


Acer tablet displays vary in size depending on the tablet model. However, the display size is matched to the body dimensions so that a tablet can be easily held. The display resolution is also excellent. As a result, you will have a pleasant viewing experience of your preferred entertainment.

Battery life

When it comes to a tablet, the battery is the most important as you are going to use a tablet for a long time. Acer tablets have a decent amount of battery life. These tablets usually come in over 4000mAh battery. This can power you up to 7-8 hours.


Acer is a low-cost tablet. These tablets provide the most recent hardware and software at a lower cost than competitors. The performance is also excellent. 

Unless you are gaming on your tablets, all apps run smoothly. You will not experience lag when using the device for normal purposes such as entertainment, video calling, or office work.

Are there any drawbacks

As Acer is a budget tablet there will be some drawbacks. The drawbacks are of different types depending on the models. Such as for Acer One 8 T4-82L has an awful screen with limited connectivity & average battery life. And Acer Iconia W4-820 is some kind of pricier than other similar types of tablets.

Are There Any Good Alternatives For The Acer Tablet

Acer tablet is dependable when it comes to specs, display, battery, price, and after-sales service. You can purchase one of these. If you’re looking for a good alternative to Acer tablets, consider Asus tablets. In some tablets, Asus outperformed Acer in terms of tablet design, performance, and price. One such example is the Asus Zenpad Z10, which outperforms the Acer Iconia Tab 10 in almost every category.

Another brand that can compete with Acer is Samsung. Both Samsung and Acer manufacture tablets for people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. 

However, Samsung has an advantage over Acer because Samsung tablets are among the best on the market. As a result, you should choose Samsung tablets over Acer tablets.


As Acer is offering tablets for all classes of people, it is very easy to find a perfect tablet that goes with your style. All these tablets are well designed & reliable. 

The Acer tablet is also less expensive than its competitors’ tablets. The build quality and performance of Acer tablets are good enough that you can use them for longer periods than you expected.

So buy one Acer tablet and it will provide you the best value for your money.

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