Who Makes Dragon Touch Tablets

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Who Makes Dragon Touch Tablets

Looking for a budget tablet? For sure it is a tough decision to make. Because there are a lot of brands out there making budget tablets these days. And to finally make the decision you must understand some aspects of a brand as well as its products.

In this competitive tablet market, Dragon Touch is a popular one. So, let us find out everything about the Dragon Touch tablet.

Dragon Touch makes affordable tablets and most of its products are under the 150-dollar price point. They make pure android tablets. They have some differentiating qualities like build quality, android update and not to mention price.

Who Makes Dragon Touch Tablets?

The Dragon Touch tablet company was founded in 2011. Since then they have been making tablets with a single-core processor and they are committed to providing affordable android tablets. 

Unlike other cheap tablet manufacturing brands, Dragon Touch is somewhat different in its working principle. They make various kinds of tablet-based products.

They make the usual android tablet. They also make tablets for kids with dedicated design and partnership to provide a peculiar product. They have partnered with Walt Disney to have preloaded Disney story books.

Along with the android tablets, they make kid’s tablets, digital photo frames, and mini drones. They have sold their various products to Asia, North America, Europe, South America, and many other regions. This shows that as a brand, they have a good position.

Where Are These Tablets Made And Manufactured?

TabletExpress is the manufacturer and distributor of Dragon Touch tablets. They make tablets at affordable prices. Dragon Touch is a sub-brand TabletExpress. Other sub-brands of TabletExpress are Alkai and Tabsuit.

The Products Made By Dragon Touch:

Dragon Touch Max10

Dragon Touch Max10

Of all the models from Dragon Touch, this model is one of their best. This android tablet is priced at around $150 with good condition hardware and design. 

It comes with Android 9.0. So, the system is updated and reliable to use. It supports all the google services therefore, you do not need to worry about software reliability.

Hardware specification-wise, this tablet provides a 64-bit octa-core processor with 3GB RAM which is enough for daily tasks and some optimized games.

However, the display is a 10.1-inch 1920×1200 IPS display. It has 32GB of internal storage and an expandable microSD card slot that supports up to 128GB. With a 5000mah battery, it should last up to 5 hours of screen on time.

Overall, this package has decent specifications with all the necessary components. The design of this tablet is one of the highlighting factors. It has a slim and good finishing frame.

Dragon Touch Notepad 102

Dragon Touch Max10

This is a similar but updated model of Max10. Most of the features of this product are similar to Max10. It has android 10.0 as the operating system. The battery size is 6000mah which should give you up to 7 hours of screen on time. 

But the display is slightly downgraded than Max10. It has a 1280×800 10.1 inch IPS display. Overall, this is a better deal than Max10 at $150.

Dragon Touch M7

Dragon Touch Max10

This tablet is much lower-priced than the previously mentioned tablets. This 7-inch tablet is priced around $70. For the price, this tablet provides great value for money.

The display resolution is 1024×600. For processing, it has a Quad-core processor with 2GB RAM. As for storage, it has 16GB storage and an expandable memory option.

The operating system comes with Android 9.0. The tablet has a dual camera for capturing photos and video calling. In comparison with other tablets, this tablet comes at almost half the price. 

If you are searching for a tablet under $100, this one should one of the best options to consider.

How Does The Dragon Touch Brand Warranty Work?

Dragon Touch provides a 24-month warranty on their products, whether it is bought from other online platforms or from their website. And for other platforms, they give a 12-month warranty.

They also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason. That means if you face any problem within the 30 days period of your purchase, you will get a full refund or a brand new product without any additional charges.

4 Reasons To Buy  A Dragon Touch Tablet

Pure Android

Dragon Touch tablets provide a pure Android experience. They have native android versions and do not ship products with bloatware. Compared to other tablets, they should provide a much cleaner experience.

Affordable price

All the tablets of Dragon Touch are under $200. So, they are very affordable compared to other tablets.

Hardware and Design

Under the $200 price point, the hardware is fairly good. The latest models of Dragon Touch offer an octa-core processor and 3GB RAM. Which is good enough for handling daily tasks.


Compared to other budget tablet manufacturers, Dragon Touch offers 2 years of warranty. And that is really uncommon in this budget segment. Therefore, Dragon Touch is a very reliable option.

Some Drawbacks That You Should Also Consider

New brand

In terms of brand name, Dragon Touch is still a new company and not well known.

Limited resources

As a new company, its resources are not adequate for handling the big demand for products. Also, there are not a lot of customer service points where you can go to take service.

Are There Any Good Alternatives Available For The Dragon Touch?

There are many good alternatives available for budget tablets out there. Amazon tablets are one of them. They provide the best value for money products.

Most of their products are under $100 and a maximum of $150. But one drawback of them is that they are not pure android tablets. 

Another good alternative is the Samsung tablet. Samsung might not be known for cheap tablets but they make budget tablets. And if you are willing to expend more on a good device, Samsung tablets might the best option.


There you go. now you have a good understanding of all the necessary things you must need to consider before buying a tablet from Dragon Touch. 

Compared to other manufacturers, Dragon Touch’s built quality is great, hardware capacity is adequate. And they offer a good product for the money.

Still, I would recommend that you explore all the options. Because they’re a lot of options available.

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