Are Wizpad Tablet Good? Answer Here

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Are Wizpad Tablet Good

The Wizpad tablet has some exceptional features than any other tablet available on the market. That’s why tablet lovers love this brand.

Now, you may want to know: are wizpad tablets good? In answer, we must say obviously, the wizpad tablets are good because of their special features and user-friendly configuration.

Let’s explore the Wizpad tablet in detail through the rest of this article.

Are Wizpad Tablet Good: The Reason Behind

Nowadays, in the market, the wizpad tablet includes two different flavors. One is Windows 7 and another is Android 1.6. 

Just keep in mind, In the future, Android 1.6 is going to be updated in Android 2.1 that is in the process.

However, there are the features of multi-touch capacitive screen, 16 or 32 solid-state storage, 1 or 2 GB RAM, choice of OSes in the Wizpad tablet.

You may want an additional premium to come with 3G connectivity.  And luckily it will find you on the Wizpad tablet. 

The Wizpad tablet especially Android 1.6 comes with a mini VGA output, two USB ports, and a 1.3-megapixel webcam.

Overall, Wizpad makes sure to enjoy some exceptional features which you may not get on other tablets.

Are Wizpad Tablet Good

How to use of Wizpad tablet units

The Wizpad tablet has quite limited key buttons. Interesting thing is that the back key button seems like the menu button. That’s why people try to use the back key button like the menu button. Though other tablets do not have these confusing problems. 

It has a glossy screen which can deal you with plenty of fingerprints where you can touch a lot. On the front side, it also has a facing 1.3-megapixel camera. And at the side of the Wizpad tablet, different ports are located.

You can find a micro SD card reader, a mini VGA port, USB ports on the left side, and a sim card slot on the bottom.

You need to install a custom interface and your own apps on this tablet. Because you can not do too many things without your own apps. 

You also feel odd for the lack of buttons. There are on-screen keyboards available on Windows 7. There is also a port to adjust a separate keyboard which makes it unique.

Some advantages of Wizpad tablet

  • Wizpad tablet subscription time is one year.
  • As it does not recommend any optional Bluetooth, Bluetooth keyboard works well in it.
  • The Wizpad tablet is affordable. 
  • USB OTG is allowed in micro USB ports so that you can access videos and files on external flash drives and drives.
  • The physical keyboards are also allowed in the same port.
  • You can hold comfortably for the smallish form and rubber backside of the tablet.
  • You can enjoy viewing and editing documents and reading and some websites via portrait orientation documents. 
  • The Wizpad tablet also has sufficient resolution, for this price, good display, viewing angles are good, colors are not too washed out.
  • You can read or explore for a long period of time.
  • Comparatively this tablet is smoothed surfing, internal explorer, launching pages, switching between tabs, and so on.

These are the primary advantages of the Wizpad tablet.

Some disadvantages of the Wizpad tablet

You need to wait when loading apps and pages. This tablet slows down the system when multiple apps are running jointly.

As it has limited internal storage, you need to adjust an additional micro SD card. 

It is hard to double tap on tiny menu icons and text on the desktop side.

The Wizpad tablet needs a cover to be extremely careful. Because it is a plasticky build. Even it can not really survive in a single dropout.

Prices and special features of some Wizpad tablet

          Name    Special Features          Price
    Wizpad Z1 pro10.1 inch, wifi, 6- 64GB, 4G LTE, voice calling.  53.80 USD
    Wizpad P15  9.5 inch, voice calling 6GB RAM 64GB, HD display   67.30 USD
    Wizpad S510.5 inch, 6GB RAM 64GB, 4G tablet,  51.15 USD
    Wizpad S7 plus12.4 inch 8GB 256GB, 6000 mAh, 13 MP   61.93 USD
  Wizpad S5 HD7 inch, 2 GB 16 GB, 3200 mAh, voice call, 4G  107.71 USD
  Wizpad valuer V7  7 inch, 4GB 64GB, 3.7V/2800mAh, 270g  110 USD
  Wizpad valuer V8.8 inch  2GB 32GB, 5100mAh,    99 USD

These are the most popular versions of the Wizpad tablet. You can purchase a new Wizpad tablet from these.


The Wizpad tablets have many versions. Every version is different from others. Even every version is strong with different features. 

So first, you need to know about all the features of a Wizpad tablet before purchasing a new one. This is why you may want to know are wizpad tablet good.

I think now you know all about Wizpad tablets and are able to decide whether to purchase a Wizpad tablet or not.

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