Can You Change The OS On A Fire Tablet?

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Can You Change The OS On A Fire Tablet

Every tablet must need an operating system. Fire tablet is not the exception here. Hence, if any problem occurs in the operating system on your fire tablet, you may want to know ” can I change the OS on a fire tablet

Yes, fortunately, you can change or replace the operating system on your fire tablet. Basically, there are some ways to change the OS of any tablet.

How To Install Windows Operating System (OS) On Fire Tablet

Before processing, it requires some connection. First, connect your fire tablet with a windows computer and ensure Internet connection fast. Check whether your fire tablet has a minimum of 8 GB of space.

Now follow the steps:

Step 1: You need to activate the debug mode in your computer to connect both devices together.

Step 2: Extract the folder which contains the Windows version. 

Step 3: In this step, you have to double-tap to launch the conduct application file on the app which you downloaded. Then it may open. 

Step 4: Open the GUI then select ” Task ” and double click on it. Select the language immediately when the application appears. 

Step 5: After downloading all the necessary files and folders, tap on the Install option.

Step 6: Follow all the instructions and be aware of not to remove Android. If you do this, the original Android Operating System will be deleted.

Step 7: Your tablet may boot windows automatically after the installation process. In these steps, you may wait a few times. It takes time to boot.

By following these steps, you can install windows operating system on your fire tablet.

How To Install The Android OS On A Windows Fire Tablet

If you have an old fire tablet that runs an old windows operating system, you can trash out of this operating system. However, if you are a beginner, you should follow this Android OS installation process. 

Step 1: Power on and press F12 immediately on the keyboard. You may see the booting menu on the screen. You can use a pen drive or volume key which contains an Android installer. Now choose a USB flash drive. 

Step 2: Now look for settings and go to recovery and update. On the advanced menu, you should choose “Restart”

Step 3: You may find security options on the left side and the UEFI Firmware Settings on the window. Choose a password that you like.

Step 4: Now secure the boot option by navigating and make sure to disable it.

Step 5: Follow all the instructions and steps. Press power buttons and hold down windows to restart your windows in BIOS mode.

Step 6: After the rebooting of the tablet, you may see two options to keep both operating systems or delete one. I suggest you keep both boots.

How To Install The Android OS On A Windows Fire Tablet


You have both options to change your fire tablet operating system. Either you can use the Windows operating system or the Android operating system changing the OS in your Fire tablet.

I think now you know now whether can I change my OS on a fire tablet or not. You can change and install whatever you like.

Good luck! 

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