Do Surface Pros Have HDMI?

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Do Surface Pros Have HDMI?

The surface pros do not have an HDMI port physically. But it has a USB-C port. It is known as the name of the dongle. The dongle is one kind of adapter that convert objects for working correctly. 

Through the HDMI port, you can transport high-resolution data with a single cable. But in surface pros, you can convert your USB port to an HDMI port by plugging an adapter into the USB port and doing the work that the HDMI port does. 

You will learn a lot of facts about HDMI ports if you go through this article. 

Does Surface Go have an HDMI port?

No there is no HDMI or display port in Surface Go. However, it has one docking station dongle that you may buy. 

Why does not Microsoft surface have an HDMI port?

Microsoft surface does not have an HDMI port because they want to keep your surface device as thin as possible. Maybe they thought as the device has a USB port, it is not mandatory to have an HDMI port.

Why does not Microsoft surface put on a mini HDMI port that you can attach to a big screen?

Perhaps Microsoft has a trend in their industry to use USB-C ports, that can do multiple tasks. Such as it works like a USB data port, an HDMI port, and also a Display port. 

Apart from this, the USB port can also do power output and input work with the accurate adapter. You should know that if they include an HDMI port, it would be a more costly and complicated design. 

Well, You can buy an adapter that can work as a display port. Then you will able to connect it to your big screen.

What will you do to plug an HDMI cable into a USB port?

You may happy to know that the USB port is universal. But HDMI is a connection that is devoted only to audio video. If you have a USB with a type C connection with video capability, then you will be able to connect the USB to HDMI. 

Will an HDMI cable work with a non-HDMI port?

Sorry to say you that an HDMI cable will not work with a non-HDMI port. As you can see that they are totally different shapes and sizes that do not match one another. 

You may check that an HDMI port and a non-HDMI port have different pin numbers. Thus they will not fit with one another. 

So, now you are clear that these will not work together.

Is it possible to input an HDMI into a laptop? 

The fact is that apart from a special laptop, internally no laptop consists of HDMI. You can connect an external device with the aim of doing this. 

Moreover, you can use splitters or switches that has HDMI input port and output port. If you desire to use an external gadget display in your laptop, you will require to attach the device with an input port and also your laptop to the output port.

Now come to the point, to create an HDMI port, you need to enter the plug at the end of the HDMI cable into an HDMI output dock. You will need to do this on the posterior of your computer’s central processing unit or your laptop’s back edge.

You must connect another side of that cable to the other audio or video device with the HDMI input port. You must know that is such as HDTV. 


Many devices work to catch HDMI signals even though they are hardly ever considered HDMI capture gadgets. 

However, you can use your surface pros confidently without having an HDMI port.

Still, if you want an HDMI port in your surface pros, then you can acquire different systems. 

I wish this article would help you to know about the HDMI port that you needed for your surface pros.

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