Do Tablets Have Hard Drives: The Ultimate Answer

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Tablets Hard Drives

A hard disk drive is a non-volatile data storage device. The term is sometimes abbreviated as a hard drive, HD, or HDD.

Well, now as a tablet user, if you are looking for the answer to “do tablets have hard drives?”, then the answer is no. But the good news is that you can still use an external hard drive on your tablet by following some simple steps.

In this article, you will find all the answers that have come up in your mind about using a hard drive on tablets. 

Let’s begin the journey!

Why Tablets Don’t Have Hard Drives?

Currently, there are no tablets available in the market that has an internal hard drive. That’s because the size of the hard drive is gigantic and the setup of the hard drive is complex using the cables that are required for a hard drive.

Not only the setup issue but also the power that is required to run the hard drive properly on your tablet is massive. And this extra heat on your tablet can mess up your experience of using the tablet.

Can You Use An External Hard Drive On A Tablet?

Yes, it is possible to use a hard drive on your tablet. In the past, it was not possible to use an external hard drive on a tablet. But to cope up with the advancement of technology, the feature of connecting hard drives on tablets has been added.

If you have already a hard drive for your computer or laptop, then you can easily use it for your tablet to store your documents of tablets without even changing anything on your hard drive. And fortunately, the size and weight of an external hard drive are not so heavy. So you can easily carry the hard drive with you everywhere.

Do Tablets Have Hard Drives

How To Use An External Hard Drive On Tablets

  • For iPads, you will need to be iOS 13 or a new version installed and a cable to connect your hard drive to your iPad.
  • For an Android tablet, you will need the OTG cable to connect your hard drive to your tablet.

Why You Should Use An External Hard Drive On Your Tablet

Tablets are compact in size and allow the users to store their necessary documents such as photos, videos, songs, etc. But most of the tablets have limited space for storing files which is sometimes not enough to store a huge amount of files, photos, and videos of the user.

So in order to store all the necessary files safely, one must have to use an external hard drive that will store all the videos, photos, and other documents. 

Advantages Of Using An External Hard Drive On The Tablet

  • The production cost of a hard drive is much low. So one can easily buy a hard drive at a cheaper price. And also it is always available on the market.
  • The size of an external hard drive is concise and it is easily portable to everywhere as it doesn’t require a lot of space to carry.
  • Hard drives have a larger storage capacity for storing the user’s documents. It is a great choice for the user who has a ton of files on the tablet and looking for a way to store those files.
  • The lifespan of a hard drive is greater. So you can use a hard drive years after years if you maintain it properly. 

Disadvantages Of Using Hard Drive On The Tablet 

Although there are a lot of advantages of using an external hard drive on a tablet, there are some disadvantages too.

The hard drive can cause slowing down issues when transferring data from your tablet.

On the other hand, a hard drive needs power input to run properly and after connecting the hard drive on your tablet, it will take the charge of the battery from your tablet to function. So your tablet’s battery life will decrease.

Hard drives contain moving parts and are vulnerable to mechanical failure. Thus this can cause device corruption if it is handled carefully. 


How Much Does A New Hard Drive Cost?

It costs roughly $200 to replace a hard drive. There is a $60-$100 hard drive cost included in this price. A tablet hard disk is one of the most popular and simplest parts to replace.

What Storage Does A Tablet Use?

Android tablets can be purchased with an internal storage capacity of 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB. Tablet models with increased storage capacity may be made available in the future. Some Android tablets have a MicroSD card slot for external storage. Between 8GB to 64GB, a MicroSD card can hold.

Do You Need To Reinstall Windows After Replacing The Hard Drive?

It’s not required to reinstall Windows after a hard drive replacement. After a hard drive replacement, Windows does an excellent job of reconfiguring itself. Before you take any action, be sure you have a proper backup of your data.


Although there are no tablets available on the market with a built-in hard drive. But you can use an external hard drive easily by following some simple steps. So now if you have an external hard drive that you are currently using for your computer or laptop, then just simply connect it to your tablet and enjoy.

Hope that you have got the perfect answer for do tablets have a hard drive or not.

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