Does Surface Tablet Come With Microsoft Office?

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Does Surface Tablet Come With Microsoft Office

Nowadays, Maximum tablets include Microsoft Office as their core feature into their tablet. The Surface tablet is no exception. In fact, every series of tablets is called a laptop-tablet because they introduce Microsoft Office as their core feature. 

For this, several series of this tablet comes with Microsoft Office which is a web-based version. In fact, this version is totally free. This office program will be similar to the Microsoft Office that you have on your desktop. 

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Surface tablet coming with Microsoft Office 

This tablet is pretty famous for using Microsoft Office. But, it is not available in every model of the tablet. Later, Microsoft tried to include this function into their every series. 

The latest model of this tablet came with the Office app for catching the laptop market with their Surface tablet. For this, the company included this feature into their tablet very well. 

So, let’s dig deep into this article without any delay… 

Does every series of Surface tablets come with Microsoft Office 

Surface tablets have several series. Every series has two options of operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 10 and 11. Some series are running on Windows 8. 

Every tablet did not come with Microsoft office. But you can run Microsoft Office on some devices because this tablet came with a signature keyboard. For this, this tablet acts like a laptop. 

You can find Microsoft Office in some series of tablets such as Surface RT, Surface 2, Microsoft Surface Pro 7, and so on. In contrast, some Surface Pro series did not come with this office such as Microsoft Surface Pro, 3, and 2 series. 

Which operating system is the best for Microsoft Office 

Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows RT are the best for Microsoft office. But every series of Windows 8 did not come with this office. However, the Maximum series of Windows 8 and Windows RT came with Microsoft office. 

If you purchase a tablet that runs Windows 8, then you can enjoy the full computer version of this office on your tablet. Because the office software in OS Windows 8 is very simple like the desktop mode of office. 

Anyone can take advantage of it in desktop mode by using a tablet. You will get a full version of Microsoft Office on this device. 

Can I install Microsoft Office on a Surface tablet? 

It depends on the series of your Surface tablet. If your tablet does not run the Windows 8 OS or comes with Microsoft Office, then you can install the office app. 

You may have to pay for using this office in some series of tablets. Luckily, you may even get free Microsoft Office on the tablet which is Microsoft 365. Because Microsoft announced that this Office is their personal app. 

After that announcement, if you are a Surface tablet user, then you can activate or install Microsoft 365 on your tablet as a free app. 

Which version of Microsoft office is available on the Surface tablet 

On this tablet, you will not get the best version of Microsoft Office which is Microsoft Word 2007. Also, you will not have Microsoft Office 2010, 2021, 2016, and so on. 

But you will get Microsoft 365 which is the new version of this Office. This app is made based on the Surface tablet. As a result, you will get every option you need in this app. 

This Office app works the best way on this tablet. On the other hand, you will find this app pre-installed on your tablet. 

Which series of the Surface tablets is the best for Microsoft Office 

The new series of the tablet is Microsoft Surface Pro 7. It is the best Surface tablet for using Microsoft Office. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 

This tablet came from the Surface Pro series. The memory storage is 128 GB and the screen size is 12.3 inches. 

This tablet came with laptop mode. For this reason, you can easily use Microsoft Office, Excel, and PowerPoint without facing any problems. 

This series is manufactured in this way so that it can give the best services while you use the Office application. 


Every series of the Surface tablet is well known for Microsoft Office. They included Windows 8, 10, and 11 as operating systems for giving you the benefits of their Office application.

The Microsoft Office of this tablet will work like a desktop application. You can do your office work with this application. Additionally, this Office app has been included for free on your tablet. For this, you will not pay any charge for it. 

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