Does the Microsoft Surface Tablet have a USB port?

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Does the Microsoft Surface Tablet have a USB port

Microsoft Surface Tablet is a tablet computer. It works like a full-feature computer. It has the potential to have a computer for many Surface Tablet users. This tablet feels more like a computer than any other tablet of its capability to run windows. 

Now come to the point, yes, Microsoft Surface Tablet has a USB port. And this USB port can connect to a smartphone, a data cable, a mouse, a USB drive, an external hard drive, a printer, a keyboard, an mp3 player, an ethernet adapter, etc.  

You see you can use the port as your need. However, this article will help you to know about the USB port in a Microsoft Surface Tablet. 

How many USBs does a Surface tablet have?

You should know that a surface tablet has only one USB port. Though you can use a Microsoft Surface Tablet as a computer, unfortunately, it has only one USB-C port.

Most of the Surface devices contain 15W USB-C ports with power switches. Hopefully, in the future, Microsoft Surface tablets will feature more USB ports in one tablet!

How do you use USB on a Surface tablet?

You need to be confirmed that the dock has been plugged in to obtain power. You can enter an external mouse or keyboard here. You can plug a USB-C cable that is attached to the USB-C dock into the USB-C port in your adapter. You need to turn it by pressing the power button.

Can you plug a USB into a Surface Tablet?

Most of the current devices have standard USB drives. You can enter an adapter to the USB-C dock and surface in the Microsoft Surface Tablet. You can plug a USB into a Surface Tablet just like you do on a computer.

How many devices can a single USB port support?

A single USB port can handle the upper limit of 127 devices. You should know that it is the standard amount. Hubs are included in this standard.

Generally, a hub consists of 4 new ports. But it may have many more ports. You can plug a hub into your surface tablet and then enter your devices into the hub.

You can also plug one hub into another hub and make more ports. By this, you can split the one USB port. But if you split a USB port, the power generation will reduce in all ports. Because they share the same power that is available in one USB port in total. 

How to add additional USB ports to a Microsoft Surface Tablet?

  • You can have additional USB ports from the online stores to make a solution to the USB shortage. For this, you need to spend $20 to $30. You have also other options to solve the problem. 
  • You can also search for suggestions from different places and choose one from there that you think will be helpful for you. You can plug a hub into your USB port which works like a surge suppressor and create extra ports. Then you can plug other external devices into those ports. 

You can prefer the 2nd system for its simplicity. Maybe the 1st system is very common. 

Is it safe to use a USB hub for adding additional USB ports?

Yes, it is very safe for your surface tablet. There is only a power limitation problem in the ports. It will not make any physical damage to your tablet. You should use it without any doubt.


The only problem you will face to use a Microsoft Surface Tablet is that it has only one USB port. This can make you unplug consistently external devices like a printer, a keyboard, an external hard drive, a mouse, etc. that connect through USB.

But you will feel comfortable using the Microsoft Surface Tablet of its easy operating system like a full-functioned computer. You can easily carry it from one place to another than any other heavily-weight laptop or computer. This Microsoft Surface Tablet will give you an excellent experience.

Hopefully, this article will help you a lot!

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