Can Microsoft Surface Be Repaired?

Walter Moore

Can Microsoft Surface Be Repaired

When a handy device like a tablet unexpectedly goes off, it can be a real pain. We live so much of our lives online these days and hence we rely on tablets largely to perform our regular tasks.

If you use Microsoft Surface and the device suddenly breaks, then what should you do? Should you throw out it? No way. 

Microsoft Surface can be repaired anytime but this replacement process involved a very high cost and time-consuming process. One should have gone through some processes to repair his or her Microsoft Surface.

Major Microsoft Surface issues and solutions:

1.   Cracked screen:

The cracked Microsoft screen can be repaired at any time, and it will work like the new devices.   

2.   Charging issue:

Even if the charging port is totally damaged and doesn’t work properly, this issue also can be solved. You can easily repair the charging issues on your Microsoft surface. 

3.   Broken speaker:

If the speaker is broken, it can be replaced with a new speaker. So, the speaker issues on your Microsoft surface can be solved at any time. 

4.   Surface is getting warm:

When your device is getting warm after a few minutes of using the device, it’s time to get a service expert to solve the problem. This problem also can be solved at any time by the Microsoft servicing expert. 

5.   Damaged camera:

The most used part of a tablet is the camera. The damaged front and rear camera can be replaced with the new one.  

6.   Sim card issues:

If the sim card can not read on your Microsoft surface, no need to worry because most sim readers can be replaced. Then you can easily use your data once again.

How to get service for your broken Microsoft surface?

There are some steps for servicing your Microsoft Surface. The steps for servicing the broken systems of Microsoft surface are given below:

  • First of all, you have to find a trusted expert by which you may solve your problems.
  • Secondly, you should register your device which includes your Microsoft account and the serial number of your Microsoft surface.
  • Thirdly, mention the service center about the device warranty. If it’s under the warranty, you don’t have to pay for servicing. But if it’s not, then you have to pay the service charge. 

Microsoft Surface Pro repairing:

Unlike the other tablets, Microsoft Surface Pro has removable batteries. So, you can easily remove the battery and fix the battery power problems. You will be amazed to know that, with the in-built battery systems, Microsoft Surface Pro can be replaced easily.

But the condition is that you can only fix the problem in any Microsoft center. You can replace your battery issues with the new one. 

Microsoft Surface Book Repair:

If the problem is in your Microsoft Surface Book, it can be solved and replaced. For any kind of replacement issues, you have to visit the Microsoft center.

How to get service for your out-of-warranty or damaged surface?

First, you have to start the replacement process online. For out-of-warranty or damaged surfaces, you have to pay the service charges.

How much will it cost?

Without Microsoft complete it will cost Surface Laptop Studio and Surface Duo it will cost around 786.30 (CAD). For Surface Duo 2, it will cost around 846.85 (CAD).

For Microsoft Surface Pro 7, Microsoft Surface Pro 7+, and Surface laptops, you have to pay 545.20 (CAD).

For the battery replacement service, you have to pay 351.35 (CAD).


If your Microsoft Surface is broken down or cracked, no need to worry about it. Because the broken or damaged part of your Microsoft Surface can be replaced easily at the Microsoft center.

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