Is A Microsoft Surface Pro A Laptop Or Tablet?

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In the tablet world, Microsoft Surface Pro has come with attractive features and great performance. Hence, Microsoft launched its Surface Pro in a totally different way. 

However, so far, the most-talked question is a Microsoft Surface Pro laptop or tablet has come from a massive number of users. 

In all honesty, the Microsoft Surface Pro is considered both- a laptop and tablet. If a person wants to use it like a tablet, then it will work like a tablet. In contrast, if anyone wants to use it like a laptop, then it will work like a laptop. 

Stay attached to us to explore the real form of Surface Pro.  

Microsoft Surface Pro: is it a laptop or tablet? 

There is a debate about whether the Microsoft Surface Pro is a laptop or tablet. Some people say it is a tablet and it is not a laptop. In contrast, some people say,  you can use it like a laptop. 

But, Microsoft claims that Microsoft Surface Pro is both a laptop and tablet. To be honest, it is a laptop tablet. 

No more suspension, let’s go through this article… 

A short brief about Microsoft Surface Pro

This is the first generation of the Microsoft Surface series. Like the Microsoft Surface series, it has several series. The latest series of this is Microsoft Surface Pro 8. 

This latest series of Microsoft came with Microsoft Windows 8 operating system. Later, this Surface Pro had 3 types of the operating system which is Microsoft Windows 10 and 11. 

Microsoft Surface Pro updates its software gradually. Every series of Surface pro came with Accessories. 

Why is the Microsoft Surface Pro a tablet?

Microsoft manufactured Microsoft Surface Pro as a tablet. It has every function and features that a tablet should have. In fact, it counts as a tablet.

Microsoft Surface Pro has every tablet feature and function. Also, it includes all the advantages of a tablet. As a consequence, it can be an ideal tablet for anyone. Besides, this Surface Pro has no different from a tablet. 

The tablet’s features and functions in Microsoft Surface Pro 

You can notice the features and functions of the Microsoft Surface Pro which determine that it is a tablet. The main tablet functions which Surface Pro has: 

  • Performance basic function:

Microsoft Surface Pro performs like a mobile phone. You can send and receive calls and SMS throughout Surface Pro. Also, you will have a sim card slot for communicating with others. Indeed, this is the main function of a tablet. 

  • Portability: 

Microsoft Surface Pro has amazing portability which is similar to a tablet. The main feature of a tablet is its portability because of its sleek design and less weight.  For this, you can carry it anywhere you want. 

  • Internet connectivity of tablet: 

You can connect to the internet easily in Surface Pro. Microsoft Surface Pro will support 4G internet. As a result, you can see videos, movies, and so on. 

  • Reading and scanning facility

Having a big display on a tablet, and reading online books, and documents has been very easy. You will have this same feature on Microsoft Surface pro. On the other hand, when you need , you can scan your documents with this tablet. 

Why is the Microsoft Surface Pro a Laptop 

As mentioned before, Microsoft Surface Pro came with the Microsoft Windows 8, 10 and 11 OS. As a consequence, you can use Microsoft Surface Pro as a laptop. 

You can find every feature and function which determines a Microsoft Surface Pro as a laptop. So, you can do your work on this laptop. 

The Laptop’s features and functions of Microsoft Surface pro

The features and functions that a laptop must have, which are included in Microsoft Surface Pro are: 

  • Microsoft Surface Pro has come with a signature type cover, the same as a laptop. For this, you are able to use all functional keys which are included with a laptop. 
  • You can use Microsoft office, world, and excel by using Microsoft Surface Pro. Besides, you will be able to use powerpoint for doing your best work. Furthermore, you can save your work in one drive by using this Surface Pro laptop. 


If you buy a Surface Pro, then you can run it as a tablet or laptop whatever you want. In fact, you can take it to your office to do office work. Being a portable device, it will be easy for you. 

After reading this article, now you might be clear about this laptop tablet. so, you make a plan for buying this laptop-tablet, Microsoft Surface pro.  

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