Can A Surface Pro Do Everything A Laptop Can?

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Can A Surface Pro Do Everything A Laptop Can?

Surface pro is a versatile device which is manufactured by Microsoft. In fact, the Microsoft community claims that this device will work as a laptop if you turn on the laptop mood! 

After hearing this news from the Microsoft community, many people have a question: can a Surface Pro do everything a laptop can? Hence, you should also know it if you want to use it as a laptop. 

Well, you can switch the laptop mode of this device easily. After that, you are able to use it like a laptop. Surprisingly, this device can do everything resembling a laptop can. 

So, keep in touch with us to explore the laptop mode of this device. 

How can a Surface Pro do everything a laptop can

Surface Pro is more powerful than a laptop. To tell the truth, you will get more features and functions in it than a laptop has. The specification of this device is similar to a laptop. 

You will be able to know so many things through this device that may surprise you. However, you should be confirmed whether it is a laptop or not.  

So, let’s start. 

The operating system of Surface Pro 

This device came from the series of Microsoft Surface. It ran with the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system. But, the new series of Surface pro has been manufactured with Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 operating systems. 

You will find two operating systems for every series of this device. For this, you will have a choice about Microsoft OS. 

The accessories of the Surface Pro that let you work like a laptop?

The Microsoft Surface Pro has come with so many accessories. The keyboard is one of them. Yes, you can use a keyboard with this. 

When you connect the keyboard with this device, then it will go into laptop mode. At that moment, this pro will act like a laptop. As a consequence, you can do everything with this Surface laptop. 

Then even, if you need a mouse, then you can connect a mouse with this laptop. Because this pro tablet offers Surface Arc mouse which works like a laptop mouse. 

Surprisingly, You can do your official work with this. This device will support every function and feature that a laptop has. 

Why does the Surface Pro consider a laptop?

The Surface Pro is considered to be a laptop because it works as a laptop. However, the features and functions of this are given below:

Microsoft Word, Excel, and one drive 

You are able to type in this Surface pro. Also, it has a Windows operating system. As a  consequence, you can use Microsoft Word, and Excel when you need. 

You can save your work in one drive throughout this laptop. Luckily, you can do your official work by using this laptop. 


The display of every series of laptop is approximately 12.3 inches. In fact, it has an enhanced mode with more pixels which is better than any laptop’s display mood.

The screen resolution is 2736 X 1824. This is more than a Surface laptop. For this,  the display of this tablet is gorgeous and pure eye candy. 

This display tends to sit closer to your eyes. At that time, you can use a touch screen display in a laptop mood. 


This surface pro has one USB type A, mini display port, headphone jack and surface connect. This is similar to a laptop. 

You will get a flavor in Surface pro that has a micro SD slot. Because, this SD slot is not visible in a laptop. 


This device is manufactured with intel core m3-7Y30, i5 7300U or i7-76660U. So, you can say the processor is very high. If you compare this processor with a laptop, then it is great! 

Memory capacity

The capacity of this storage is 128GB, 265GB, 512GB, 1TB SSD with microSD expansion which is simillier with a laptop. 


The typing system is available on this device. This device has a 1.3 mm deep key level. In all honesty, you can type every word throughout this device because it supports all function keys. 

The keyboard of this laptop device is portable. It is only 2.4 pounds. Also, the keyboard is very light and thin. 

Premium engineering 

This device is highly manufactured so that it is capable of working like a laptop. 

Surface pen 

You can draw anytime with this device. It has come with a surface pen to enable its drawing facility.


The laptop mode of Microsoft Surface Pro is really good. You can use this device like a laptop. In all honesty, it is capable of doing your office work. In fact, it is more than an adaptable pc. 

It can be your desired laptop. You will never find an immense difference between this and a laptop. In contrast, you will get benefits from this more than a laptop. 

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