Digiland Tablet Stuck On Boot Screen [Fixed]

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Digiland Tablet Stuck On Boot Screen

Digiland Tablets are being so popular these days as they are both simple and efficient to use. But maintaining a tablet properly is quite difficult. It requires not only proper knowledge but also care to use a tablet for a long time.

Many of the users often claim that they’ve faced issues when rebooting their Digiland tablets. The most common problem is that Digiland tablet stuck on boot screen.

Among Chinese tablets, Digiland is widely known. There are high-end tablets from brands like Apple and Samsung, but those cost too much money. So, brands like Digiland are popular among mid-budget range tablet users.

If you’re one of those users facing this issue, then I’ve some probable solutions to offer for this particular problem.

Why Do Tablets Get Stuck On The Boot Screen?

First, let’s see why tablets get stuck on the boot screen. Well, there may be two most possible reasons for this.

  • Hardware problem: If any of the hardware is not working properly, the tablet may get stuck. It can occur while rebooting or while using any app. Motherboard, switch/buttons, or any minor damaged parts can cause this problem. But if any major damage occurs, of course, your tablet won’t even power up.
  • Software problem: Most of the time, this is the core problem that causes the freezing of the boot screen. Any corrupt files, apps, viruses like malware, or faulty installs can make this happen. It resists the Android operating system to function properly. So, the boot screen gets frozen.

What To Do If The Digiland Tablet Is Stuck On The Boot Screen?

There are some ways that you may try to overcome this problem. But the success of each of these methods depends on what actually causes the problem.

So, let’s start from the simplest solution to harder ones. If you’ve already tried any of these, just skip to the next one and see if it works.

Discharging tablet completely

This is the easiest process. If your tablet is facing any minor issue to start, it may be the solution. All you need to do is to keep the tablet on until it loses all of its power. When the battery will be completely drained, the boot screen won’t be there as the tablet will shut down.

Then try to charge it again from 0% to 100%. When it’s done, give it a try to reboot it and observe if it works.

Factory/hard reset   [Images to be added here]

If the solution doesn’t work, maybe there is some major issue regarding software. In this case, you’ll need to do a factory or hard reset on your device. This may resolve the problem, but you’ll lose all available data from your tablet.

For completing this function, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the ‘Volume down” and ‘power” buttons at the same time, until you see the recovery menu.
  • Press the “Volume down” button to reach to “factory reset” option. It should be in the position in case it is in other languages.
  • Press the power button after the right option is highlighted.

Thus you can reset your Digiland tablet. But remember, your data will be permanently deleted.

Reinstalling software

This is the ultimate solution. If none of these processes work, your tablet may need to re-install the software. This is a critical process and requires some experience. Though there are many tutorials out there, I’ll recommend contacting a professional or supplier in that case.


While many users have complained that, the Digiland tablet stuck on boot screen, many have suggested solutions too. Based on those experiences and research those described solutions have been suggested.

But it depends on the factor that causing this issue whether these methods will work or not. So, my suggestion is, to give them a try before going to service stores.

But if even after doing all these, the problem is not solved, then you should contact the company to check if they can provide any solution.

Digiland Tablet Stuck On Boot Screen
Digiland Tablet Stuck On Boot Screen

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