Are iPads Waterproof?

Walter Moore

Are iPads Waterproof?

iPads have been one of the most successful gadgets Apple has launched till now.

If you own an iPad, then you may have a lot of questions regarding the facilities and features your iPad offers. Hence, water resistance is a common concern that is seen among most iPad users.

The short and simple answer to this is- No. None of Apple’s iPad models or their Mac Models are officially considered to be resistant to water or any liquid. So, if your iPad has been dunked into the water, it will most likely get damaged.

Many users have this misconception that iPads are also waterproof just like iPhones and can be taken underwater. However, unlike iPhones, iPads are not designed to be exposed to water. If you do, you will most likely cause a number of damages to your iPad’s internal components.

In the sections below, we will explain why your iPad is not waterproof.

Does This Mean That You Cannot Get Your iPad Wet At All?

No, it doesn’t. If you get a splash or sprites of water on your iPad, it is not a problem. The problem only arises when you get the sensitive and important parts of your iPad wet. Such as the lightning port, speakers, and headphone jack.

If you get water inside any of the mentioned parts, your iPad is most likely to suffer from a good amount of damage.

Why aren’t iPads waterproof?

It is a matter of curiosity for many Apple users as to why Apple hasn’t made a single waterproof iPad till now. Almost all of their iPhones are claimed to be fully waterproof, why isn’t there any waterproof iPad yet then?

The main reason is the way Apple sees its users using an iPad. Most people use iPads at their homes, offices, or on a flight either to play games, watch movies or work. And if they are in their homes or offices working on an iPad, they are not likely to get their iPads wet. 

Moreover, the majority of people do not carry their iPads everywhere with them. Even though iPads are quite travel-friendly, it is not what people use to communicate on a daily basis. 

These are exactly why Apple does not think it is necessary to make iPads waterproof or water resistant.

What to do if you accidentally get your iPad wet?

If you get your iPad fully wet once, there is no guaranteed way to fix your damaged iPad. But you can definitely try out some methods that may save your iPad from getting fully ruined.

To do that-

  • Fill a large container with uncooked rice and fully submerge your iPad in it. 
  • Keep the device inside the rice for at least 48 hours.
  • And the rice should most likely absorb all of the water and that should fix your iPad.
  • If you want to speed up the drying process, placing a fan that can blow cool air directly into the lightning port may help.

Are water damages covered by AppleCare on iPads?

No, water damages are not covered by the basic warranty AppleCare provides on iPad. So if you get your iPhone damaged by water, Apple will not be in charge of fixing it.


Therefore, if you want your iPad to last a long time, make sure that you keep it as far away from the water as you can! And if accidentally it comes into contact with the water, take immediate steps to wipe it out. It may help little bit.

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