Why Does My iPod Die So Fast?

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Why Does My iPod Die So Fast

We know how disheartening and sad it is when our favorite iPod runs out of battery so fast. And you know there are several reasons behind this issue. 

Constant screen usage, playing a bigger audio file, track skipping, irregular usage – all of these can contribute to your iPod dying so fast. 

Let’s cut to the chase and know the answer to your question “why does my iPod die so fast.

Why does my iPod die so fast: the potential reasons

Many factors and facets are involved to decrease the lifespan of your iPod’s battery. A few of these are-

  • Constant screen usage not only damages your eyes but also significantly reduces the battery life of your iPod. It endangers the battery life of the iPod Touch from 40 to 7 hours and the iPod Classic from 36 to 6 hours. 

Let’s say you are streaming videos or browsing using Wi-fi or using different applications, the screen backlight is a substantial battery drain too.

  • The battery’s life is shortened if you play an audio file that is bigger than the iPod can fit in its buffer. That’s because it will have to transmit data from the hard drive more frequently.
  • The iPod uses the hard disk to reload the buffer when a track is skipped. The battery life of the iPod will be much shorter than the recommended 36 hours if you do this repeatedly.
  • According to Apple, a brand-new iPod battery can be charged and used up to 400 times before its full capacity starts to decline. 

If you charge your iPod every day and you’ve had it for more than a year, you may notice that the battery isn’t as effective as it once was.

  • If you totally don’t use your iPod, irregular usage will sabotage its battery life.
  • Although being so useful, notifications do consume battery life. You must be informed when you receive text messages, but it’s crucial that you should control which other apps are permitted to notify us.

It is because giving an app access to send you Push Notifications allows it to continue to run in the background.

  • All iPod batteries work best at roughly 72 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature of a typical air-conditioned environment. 

Any iPod model’s battery life will likely be slightly shortened in uncomfortable temperatures.


  • Avoid exposing the iPod to temperatures that are too hot or cold.
  • Use your iPod frequently. Additionally, charge the battery at least once a month to maintain healthy battery chemistry.
  • Even when you’re not browsing the Web, the wireless chip inside the iPod Touch consumes electricity. When not in use, turn it off under Settings and Wi-Fi to save it.
  • Don’t keep it on the charge if it’s not necessary.
  • Turn on notifications only for those apps which are very important to you. 
  • More battery life is required for screens that are brighter. Your iPod’s battery will last longer if you keep the screen brightness low.
  • Don’t allow your battery to reach zero percent. 


Now, you know the significant reasons behind your iPod’s battery drain. Prevention is always better than cure!

First, try to identify the reasons. Then try to find a suitable solution. If it’s still not working, you have iCare Apple Service near you for your help. 

Therefore, start taking care of your iPod!

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