Are Tablets And iPad’s The Same Thing? Answers Here

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Are Tablets And iPad The Same Thing

While buying a new device, you can usually fall into confusion about what you have to buy. A tablet or iPad: which one will be better for you?

You can even ask, are tablets and iPads the same thing? Well, Though iPads and tablets contain various features, they are not identical. There are some crucial differences between these two devices. 

However, in this article, I will inform you about the similarities and dissimilarities of tablets and iPads. 

Let’s start to dig. 

Are Tablets And IPads The Same Thing: The Ultimate Guide

Tablets and iPads are co-similar devices. But these two devices have some salient differences. Anyway, you can choose a tablet or an iPad for your daily work as both devices have some efficiency. 

Now, let’s get to know more about iPads and tablets and their similarities and dissimilarities. 

What Is A Tablet?

Tablet is a small digital device that looks like a smartphone and performs like a computer. It contains a touch screen that makes it easy to use. You can use this device to perform your regular official activities and like a smartphone. 

Nowadays, it is the most demanded device all over the world. 

What is an iPad?

IPad is a tablet device. It is a tablet manufactured by Apple inc. In 2010, the first Apple iPad was released. 

However, the iPad is a highly demandable device all over the world. 

Features Of A Tablet 

Tablets contain specific hardware and software components. The processor, battery, storage chip, speakers, GPS receiver, camera, Wifi antenna are the most common hardware components of a tablet. 

On the other hand, tablets need specific software such as android operating system software to run it properly. 

Features of an iPad

The features of the iPad and tablet are almost the same. Some basic features are multi-touch display, dual-facing cameras, motion co-processor, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, GPS, microphones, speaker. 

Are Tablets And iPad’s The Same Thing

What Can You Do With A Tablet?

Tablets can perform a lot of work. So you can use it for multi-purposes. 

  • If you would like to browse the internet smoothly and smartly, then a tablet can be the best choice for this work. 
  • It can be considered a blessed device for book readers. You can use a tablet as an e-book reader. At the same time, you can store a lot of books and documents on your tablet. 
  • Again, a tablet is one of the best mediums to watch movies. So, if you like to enjoy movies, then you can choose a tablet for this purpose. 
  • However, it can also be used for playing games, checking email, and many more functions. 

What Can You Do With An iPad?

The functions of a tablet and iPad are mostly similar. But most importantly, the iPad is highly preferable for gamers. As a gamer, you will feel comfortable playing games on the iPad. 

However, the basic functions of an iPad are workable like a computer, e-reader, browsing the internet, making video calls, etc. 

Similarities And Dissimilarities Between Tablet And iPad

Tablets and iPad contain a lot of common features and functions. At the same time, they have some differences. 

  • The name tablets are used to mean a lot of products manufactured by various companies. On the other hand, the iPad is a specific device of apple. 
  • Most tablets run on the Android operating system, while the iPad runs on iOS. 
  • General tablets are considered multitasking devices. But the iPad can’t do multi-functions at a time. 
  • On the other hand, the iPad contains more features than a tablet.
  • Again, tablets can’t contain a lot of apps like an iPad. 

Common Benefits Of Tablets and iPads

Tablet and iPad both are portable. You can carry them very easily from one place to another. 

Another crucial benefit is that both devices are cheaper than a laptop. But most interestingly, you can perform almost all functions like a laptop. 

Again, you can get an internet connection on your tablet and iPad anytime and anywhere. You can get access to the internet through wifi. Instead of wifi, cellular data can also be used. 

However, tablets and iPads both are similarly beneficial devices. 


Tablets and iPads are the most adorable devices among businessmen, students, travelers, and all other people. As both devices perform almost the same functions, they are similarly lovable to the users. 

So, are tablets and iPads the same thing? I hope you have a clear concept now on this topic. 

And, though both devices contain almost the same features, the iPads intend to be longer lasting than any other device. 

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