How Much Does A Microsoft Surface Tablet Cost?

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How Much Does A Microsoft Surface Tablet Cost?

The Microsoft Surface series is very well known in the tablet market. In fact, it is often compared to the IPad Pro in its various specifications and interactions. 

This tablet is best known for its innovative and attractive design. Also, it is hard to find a nicer windows experience than this tablet. Astoundingly, Microsoft offers the best series of tablets at the best price!

The price range of this tablet is approximately $250 to $1099. However, the series of Microsoft tablets come with various accessories. If you want to buy these accessories, then the cost of this tablet will eventually rise. 

Stay tuned with us to have a better understanding of the price of this tablet. 

Microsoft Surface tablet cost

According to your budget, you can buy a series of Surface tablets easily. Because Microsoft keeps some series of tablets at a very low price for catching the mass consumer. 

If you want to know the average price range of this tablet or when the price falls down and increases, then you should go through this article. 

So, let’s begin… 

The series of Microsoft tablet 

Microsoft Surface is a touchscreen-based tablet. Every series of this tablet is run by Microsoft Windows operating system apart from Surface Duo. Because the operating system of Surface Duo is Android. 

This came with 10 main lines such as Surface, Surface Pro, Surface Laptop SE, and Surface Laptop Go. Surface Studio, Surface Duo, and so on. Every series of this device has interactive whiteboards designed. 

The price range of the Microsoft Surface tablet 

The price range of this tablet varies based on the following facts:

Display: price range depends on the display of the series of these tablets. If the screen of the display is very big with pixel sense and the resolution of the screen is high-end, then the price will be increased for this. 

RAM and ROM:  Every series of tablets comes with four types of solid options – state drive option, 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, or 1 TB. Similarly, you will find 4 GB, 8 GB, or 16 GB memory with some of the models. For this, the cost of the tablet can vary on the memory and storage capacity. 

Internal specification: If the camera of this tablet is high-end, then it will be costly. On the other hand, the price also depends on software, sensors, exterior, processor, and many things on the tablet.

How much will cost a new series of the Surface tablet

A new Surface tablet will be very costly. Microsoft releases a new series of this tablet every time. When one new series comes into the market, the cost of that tablet remains very high. 

After releasing the new tablet, the company wants to gather a profit from this. For this, the price remains high. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is available now at $1099 dollars. So, you have to spend over several hundred dollars for a new series. 

The price of some series of Microsoft Surface tablet 

The price range depends on the series of the Surface tablet, such as:

Microsoft Surface Pro LTE

This series comes with 256 GB of storage. The screen size is 12.3 inches and the display resolution is 2736 x 1824. 

You can find it online at about $1450. It is the most expensive model of this tablet. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 

The screen of this display is 12.3 inches and the memory storage is 256 GB. The regular price of this tablet is 1077. But you can buy this tablet on sale at $959.99 from Amazon. 

Microsoft Surface Duo

The price of this tablet is $364.99. But you will get a 6% discount while you buy this device. After that, you have to pay $344 for 128 GB size memory. 

Is the Microsoft Surface tablet expensive?

You can find the Microsoft Surface tablet at a very low price. In the meanwhile, you will find this tablet very costly as well. The price range depends on you also how much money you like to spend on this tablet. 

You can find a Surface pro at a very reasonable price easily. The price starts from $250 dollars for a Surface tablet. But, if you want to buy a high-end tablet whose specification is great, then you must pay $1000 or more.

After buying this expensive tablet, you will get high-end features and functions. so, if you spend more money on this tablet, then you will get more specifications. 

Is there any sale available on the Surface tablet? 

The sale of this tablet depends on time and some facts. You will always find at a discount price on the old model of this tablet. Additionally, you can get a sale on this tablet on a special occasions. 

Sales also depend on your region or which place you live. For getting any sales, you have to keep your eye on the series of this tablet. 


The Surface tablet comes in laptop mode. For this, the device is called a laptop tablet. Also, you can use the laptop accessories such as a keyboard, and mouse with this tablet. 

It is the biggest reason for increasing the price of this tablet. This company built its tablet as a laptop to catch the laptop market with the tablet. That is why the cost of some models is high. 

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