Can Samsung Tablet Batteries Be Replaced

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Samsung Tablet Batteries

Changing the battery of a smartphone or a tablet may require if you use it for the long-term use of the device. This was a common thing earlier, although now all the smartphones and tablets come with a non-removable battery.

But the battery can degrade over time. However, it is nothing alarming because it is very common for a battery to degrade over a certain charge and discharge cycle.

Like any other tablet, Samsung’s latest tablets come with a non-removable battery. So the real question is, can Samsung Tablet batteries be replaced?

Although all the tablets manufactured by Samsung are engineered to use a non-removable battery, it is possible to replace your damaged battery. So, the answer is Yes.

Let’s explore how you can replace Samsung Tablet batteries. 

Can Samsung Tablet Batteries Be Replaced

what happens when the battery of your Samsung tablet is damaged or degraded and needs to be replaced? Well, there are 3 ways to replace your tablet’s battery, and here is how:

1. Authorized Samsung Customer Service center

If your tablet is under the warranty period, you can go to the nearest Samsung Customer Service center to replace your tablet battery for free.

They might inspect your device to find out the reason for the damage and whether it is in the warranty policy. Like water damage for any tablet is a violation of its warranty policy.

If your tablet is not under the warranty policy, you can still replace your tablet’s battery from the Samsung Customer Service center with a service charge.

2. Third-party repair shop

If your Samsung tablet is not under the warranty policy, you can still replace your tablet’s battery from a third-party repair shop. But it will not be as safe as an authorized repair shop.

Also, the cost of replacing the battery might vary depending on your location. In most cases, a third-party repair is actually cheaper than the authorized service centers.

One important point that should be kept in mind is that replacing any parts of the phone with any unauthorized repair shop is a violation of the warranty policy.

You will lose all warranty facilities that come with the tablet. And there is always the risk of damaging other components of the tablet.

3. Replace the battery by yourself

If you are out of all the other options or you just want to replace your tablet’s battery all by yourself, you can do that too. It will definitely take some time, effort, and some special tools to execute the process.

It is the most affordable and cheap process for battery replacement. Also it is the trickiest process of all. Because certainly, not everyone is an expert on these technical terms. 

For this process, you need to have the proper equipment, knowledge, and guidelines to operate this procedure properly.

To execute this process, these steps can be followed:

Arrange the necessary tools and materials for this process

It is clear that to open a tablet, you need some special tools to replace the battery. It includes the right battery cell, battery replacement kit, or some screwdriver, prying tool, and hot air blower.

Nowadays it is very easy to buy these components at a reasonable price from online shops. It is also easy to find tutorials online from the beginning to the end of the process.

Removing the back cover of the Samsung tablet

You can heat up the back cover with a hot air blower and weaken the glue holding the cover. After that, using the prying tool back cover can be removed.

And the battery should be visible. Try to access the battery connection to disconnect it. For the latest models of Samsung tablets, there are 2 or 3 ribbons you can pull to remove the battery.

Placing the new battery

Now you can place the new battery in the place of the old battery and reconnect the cable of the batter to the motherboard. Now, You have to reverse the process to finish the replacement of the battery.


These are a few common ways of replacing the battery of your Samsung tablet. You can follow either one of these to replace the battery.

But it should be kept in mind that each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Especially for the warranty policy, the last two steps must be avoided.

Now you know can Samsung Tablet batteries be replaced or not. So, just act accordingly.

There you go. Now you have a complete guide for replacing the battery of your Samsung tablet. You can choose either of them according to your need.

Good luck!

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