Can You Animate On A Huion Tablet

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Can You Animate On A Huion Tablet

Drawing tablets are the best tool for creating animation projects. And Huion produces one of the best drawing tablets on the market. So, yes, you can animate on a Huion tablet. Most importantly, both the pricing and the quality of Huion tablets are top-notch.

Without further ado, let’s dive into our article on “can you animate on a Huion Tablet”.And quench the thirst for knowledge of your mind to get a headstart on animation using drawing tablets.

Can You Animate On A Huion Tablet:

Yes, it is possible to animate on a Huion tablet. Drawing tablets are made for the purpose of digital drawings. And animations are basically a bunch of drawing played one after another.

But, the tablets have to have a perfect setting for use if one wants to animate using a Huion tablet. So here is a guideline for setting up Huion tablets for animation.


  • If you have a display-supported Huion tablet such as tablets from the Huion kamvas series, you will get a bunch of stuff with it. The adjustable stand is used to mount the display of the tablet to see what you are animating.
  • A pen is also given to aid in the animation process. There are a set of pen nibs needed for different purposes of animation and its drawings.

Even if you have any confusion, you can follow the user manual and set up the tablet for animation.

  • If your tablet is not a display type, rather it is a touchpad drawing tablet, then it is easier to set up. Just simply plug in the power cable to the adapter and connect it to pc and open the animation software you use and begin animating.

Note: For the driver software, visit the Huion official website and lookup for the model of the Huion tablet you have. 

There, you will find the latest driver software compatible with both Windows and Mac Os. Download it and then install it. Then your tablet will be ready to be used for animation.


Is the Huion tablet good for animation?

Yes, Huion tablets are very great drawing tablets for animation. Huion has both display-type drawing tablets and touchpad-type drawing tablets. Their products are impeccable regarding quality. And they are also budget-friendly and easy to use. 

Do the Huion tablets support high-resolution animation?

Huion tablets have strong build hardware to support high-resolution animations. They have 8192 levels of different pressure sensitivity and a 22-inch long studio display on Huion high-end Kamvas series tablets. So, they can run high-resolution animations very smoothly. 


Huion tablets are specifically built to serve the purpose of drawings and animations. So it should be clear on the topic “can you animate on a Huion Tablet” that they can do it very easily.

We hope our article was helpful and informative for you to know whether Huion tablets can do animations or not. 

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