Can You Use A Mouse With A Tablet?

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Can You Use A Mouse With A Tablet

It is known to all tablet users that tablets can fulfill all the demands of computers and smartphones now. So, you may want to know ” Can I use a mouse with a Tablet “

Obviously, you can use a mouse with a tablet. You can have the opportunity of using the mouse with any type of tablet. And For that, you just have to know the proper process of connecting the mouse with your tablet.

Let’s explore this in detail.

Can You Use A Mouse With A Tablet: Steps To Follow

You may know that a mouse can be used with only a computer. But you should know a mouse that can be used with not only a computer but also a tablet.

Moreover, you can do all things on your tablet with a mouse which a mouse can do with a computer.

There are different types of mouse for tablets. You can use them both on tablets and computers.

Though many users don’t feel comfortable using a tablet with a mouse, you can enjoy Bluetooth or a USB mouse with a tablet that is comfortable for you. Both features are available on tablets.

Can You Use A Mouse With A Tablet

How To Connect A Mouse To A Tablet

The two types of mouse- Bluetooth and USB have different ways to connect to a tablet.

The process to connect Bluetooth mouse

  • You may get settings options at the top of the screen.
  • Locate the Bluetooth option in settings.
  • After locating Bluetooth, press Bluetooth for a few moments.
  • Then you will need to tap on the option ” pair new device “
  • Follow all the instructions of the manufacturers.
  • Wait for the pairing of both devices.
  • After completion, you may see a mouse pointer on your tablet.

The process to connect the USB cable mouse with Tablet are :

  • In this process, you have to use a Micro USB connector to use a mouse. But if it doesn’t support your tablet, you can use a Micro USB adapter.
  • You can connect it directly to the Tablet. 
  • After connecting to the tablet port, a mouse pointer will appear. Then it is ready to use.

By following these processes, you can connect a mouse with your tablet and also your computer.

Can You Use A Mouse With A Tablet: Steps To Follow

What Is The Benefit Of Using The Mouse With A Tablet?

Mouse lets use your tablet very conveniently. You can enjoy Playing strategy games using a mouse with your tablet.

You also can access your tablet without touching the screen. It helps you to get a desktop environment for productivity purposes.

Using a mouse with the tablet is very useful for playing emulated retro games. Moreover, you can save time by using a mouse.


A mouse helps to increase the benefit of a Tablet. It may be that a tablet screen is better than a mouse. But it is very comfortable with a mouse to perform several tasks.

I think you understand now whether can I use a mouse with a tablet.

So, now you can enjoy the mouse with your tablet!

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