How To Reset A RCA Tablet

Walter Moore

How To Reset A RCA Tablet

Imagine you are playing your favorite game or watching a newly released movie on your RCA tablet and suddenly find your tablet is not responding. And after that, your tablet’s screen is stuck at the home screen hours after hours. 

There are many issues such as slow performance, forgetting passwords, etc that can hamper your experience of using your RCA tablet. And eventually, you have to reset it.

Take a breath, these issues can be fixed easily if you know “how to reset an RCA tablet?”

So, let’s follow this article to learn methods of resetting an RCA tablet.

How To Reset A RCA Tablet

There are several ways that you can follow to reset the RCA tablet. You can go through any of these to get the issue fixed.

Different Methods Of Resetting RCA Tablet :

Well, there are two methods available for resetting the RCA tablet.

Method 1: Resetting When RCA Tablet Is Powered-Off

This method works by powering off your RCA tablet. This is a very simple process and you only need to follow some simple steps to reset your RCA tablet. Let’s follow these steps :

Step 1-Power Off The Tablet :

The first thing that is required to reset your tablet is to power off your tablet. There is a power button on your tablet and you just need to hold on to it for a few seconds to power off your tablet.

Step 2-Boot Into Recovery Mode :

After you have successfully powered off your tablet, the next step is to boot the tablet into recovery mode. To boot into recovery mode, you need to press the ‘power button’ and ‘volume up’ buttons at the same time for a few seconds.

How To Reset A RCA Tablet

Keep pressing these two buttons until you see the ‘Android Bot’ interface on your tablet’s screen.

How To Reset A RCA Tablet

Once you see the ‘Android Bot’ interface, you will see the recovery menu after 1-2 seconds.

Resetting When RCA Tablet Is Powered-Off

And when you can see the ‘recovery menu’ on your tablet’s screen, release the ‘volume up’ button and the ‘power button’ quickly.

Step 3-Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset In Recovery Mode 

After successfully entering into recovery mode, you are all ready to reset your RCA tablet.

Find out the Wipe data/Factory reset option from the menu and select it. You need to use your volume button for scrolling up and down in the recovery menu.

Resetting When RCA Tablet Is Powered-Off

When you find the Wipe data/Factory reset option from the recovery menu, press the power button for taking action.

If you press the power button after selecting Wipe data/Factory reset, it will ask you permission to take action. Remember this is important to be careful when you select ‘yes’ because this can not be undone.

After selecting ‘yes’, it will take about 8-10 seconds to wipe your data and factory reset.

Step 4-Perform Reboot 

Once the factory reset is completed, you need to reboot your RCA tablet to power on.

Perform Reboot 

Simply find the ‘Reboot system now from the recovery menu to perform a reboot. After finding the option, press the power button and this will result in power on your tablet.

Method 2 – Resetting When RCA Tablet Is Powered-On

This method works when your RCA tablet is powered-on. It requires a few steps to reset your RCA tablet when it is powered on. Let’s see the steps to reset the RCA tablet below: 

Step 1- Enter Setting and find out the “Backup & Reset” menu 

Unlock your RCA tablet and search the ‘Setting’ application and press it. Keep scrolling down from the menu to find the ” backup & reset” menu.

Resetting When RCA Tablet Is Powered-On

Once you find the “Backup & reset”, press it.

Step 2- Press On “Reset Tablet” Option

You need to restart your tablet after pressing the ‘reset tablet’ option.

So make sure your device’s battery has enough charge to perform the reboot. 

This will take a few seconds to power on your RCA tablet again. Don’t worry if it takes a little more time.  

Press On "Reset Tablet" Option

After a few moments your tablet will power on and you will be able to operate it more smoothly than before.

Precautions For Resetting RCA Tablet :

There are a few things that you need to take into consideration when resetting your RCA tablet. They are as follows :

  • Ensure that your tablet has more than 50% charge as it will decrease some charges of your battery to complete all the process of reset
  • Backup your important data such as photos, videos, etc
  • Remove micro-sd card before resetting your tablet because wipe data/factory reset can delete all the data from your micro-sd card

Verdict :

Although wipe data/factory reset will help you to fix many issues that are responsible for the RCA tablet not working properly, you also need to be careful before resetting the tablet as it will remove all the files from your tablet.

You can either transfer your files to cloud storage or in portable storage such as a pen drive, sd card, etc. Once you have stored your data in a safe place, then you are all set to reset your tablet.

I think you have got your desired answer to the question, “how to reset an RCA tablet?” Follow the instructions provided in this article and reset your tablet confidently!

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