How Big Is A 7 Inch Tablet?

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How Big Is A 7 Inch Tablet

When purchasing a tablet, you must focus on the tablet’s size measurement. Various sized tablets are available in the market. But a 7-inch tablet is one of the most popular among all other tablets. 

However, a 7-inch tablet is very popular throughout the world because of its shape, size, price, and weight. Now, How big is a 7-inch tablet? 

Usually, the size of this tablet is 7 inches. But never forget that it is not the screen size of the tablet, the screen size is less than 7 inches. 

Let’s start to learn more without wasting any time. 

How Big Is A 7 Inch Tablet

How Big Is A 7-inch Tablet: Some Unknown Facts 

 Most users like the A 7-inch tablet because it is thinner and lighter than other Tablets, and it is also user-friendly.

 You can use your hand for a long time and the hand will not tire quickly. But other big tablets make your hand tired in a short time, and the chance of drop is increased. 

So if you want to buy a tablet, A 7-inch tablet should be the best option for you.

Now, we are going to explain other configurations of the tablet.

The Body Size Of A Tablet

Though the size of a device is less important than the price, it is necessary while buying a tablet. For example, the display ratio of a 7-inch tablet is 16:9, which provides you with almost 21 square inches for use. 

The height of this tablet is around 7.4 inches. At the same time, the width is 4.75 inches. And the thickness can be .30 to .40 inches. On the other hand, the weight is about 0.7 to 0.9 pounds. 

However, the size may be varied from brand to brand. So, be aware and measure the size of your selected brand’s device. It will be helpful to get an accurate-sized device. 

How Big Is A 7 Inch Tablet

Comparison Of 7-inch Tablet With Another Tablet

The main function and other features are often the same as all tablets, but some tablets are different for their extra features like camera design, notch, and design. 

A 7-inch tablet is different from other tablets based on some physical layout. A 7-inch tablet that has low weight and medium size is the main benefit for users.

For it the optimum size, you can move easily without any risk. If you buy the most weight tablet, it will drop down out from your hand and damage your tablet.

Why To Buy A 7-inch Tablet

There are some meaningful reasons behind buying a 7-inch tablet. These are The height and weight, thickness, and display size. The main attractive points of this tablet are size and shape.

So in this way, A 7-inch tablet should be the first choice for users. Because of its optimum size, you can easily use it in various situations. 

Unfortunately, most of the tablets available in the market are too long, so you cannot carry them without a handbag, briefcase, or backpack. 

But, you will be able to bring a 7-inch tablet in your pants pocket. It is also best for those who love to travel and usually like to carry a small device. 

List Of Some A 7-inch Tablets

Here are some 7 inches tablets that are available in the market. Now, let’s learn the crucial information about these tablets. 

Tablet ModelOsReleased timeInchPrice
Apple iPad Mini 3iOS 82014-117.90$300
Apple iPad Mini 4iOS 92015-097.90$350
Apple iPad Mini 2019iOS 12.1.32019-037.90$400
Nokia N1Android 5.02015-087.90$250
Xiaomi Mi Android 7.02017-057.90$300

Advantages Of A 7-inch Tablet

There are some advantages of a 7-inch tablet; these are written below.

  • It is easy to carry everywhere at any time
  • Lighter same as a smartphone
  • It is a low-weight tablet, so you can hold it in your hand for a long time
  • Suitable for reading or watching movies
  • You can use it easily in your pocket instead of in a bag 
  • You will get the best tablet within your affordability
  • Most of all, low-risk tablet

Disadvantages Of A 7-inch Tablet

Some disadvantages of a 7-inch tablet are as follows. 

  • This tablet is not for you if you are a movie lover and like to watch on the big screen.
  • This device does not have a big screen, so you will not feel like a laptop.
  • Performing official work, you may miss some opportunities in your daily work.

Price Of The 7-inch Tablets

Price is most important to buy a tablet. And If you are on a mid-range budget, it’s perfect for you because you will get A 7-inch tablet within $300 to $400.

But the price varies depending on the brand.

I hope this tablet will meet your demands at this price, and a 7-inch tablet will always be the most budget-friendly option for all users.


How is a 7-inch display measured?

Tablets size is only measured diagonally. The tablet’s display has both height and breadth and it is measured in square inches or centimeters. A 7-inch 16:9 display gives about 21 square inches of the display area.

Is a 7-inch tablet big enough?

Tablets are largely information consumption devices rather than content creation devices.  The 7-inch tablet size is small enough to carry in one hand and portable. This device is still large enough to browse the web and view movies comfortably.

What is the most popular tablet size?

10.1-inch Android tablets from Samsung, Motorola, Toshiba, and ASUS are the most popular, although Apple’s new iPad is slightly smaller as its display size is 9.7-inch.


So, how big is a 7-inch tablet? Now, I think it is known to you. So it is time to use your knowledge to purchase a perfect 7-inch tablet.

I hope this article was helpful for you and removes the confusion about a 7-inch tablets’ size measurement.

Good Luck!

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