Where can I Get My Tablet Screen Fixed?

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Where can I Get My Tablet Screen Fixed

You may have a damaged or broken tablet screen and want to know “where can I get my tablet screen fixed”

Well, you can fix a new tablet Screen easily available on device servicing centers, mostly on tablet repairing shops or many other online companies.

Commonly tablet screens break or damage easily for unconscious use. And hence, you have to know where and how to fix it.

Where can I Get My Tablet Screen Fixed

Where Can I Get Tablet Screen Fixed

A Screen is the most significant portion of a Tablet. So a user should not neglect to know the screen fixing.

You need to set up the screen on the tablet accurately. Because it is the mostly-used part and front side of the Tablet.

Now, come to the crucial fact, fixing the tablet’s screen. First of all, you should measure how much harm is done on the screen. A small scrape is not obstructive to accessing the touchscreen normally. But you should fix it.

If the screen is broken, glass fractures, or cracks, then you will be able to decide what you should do for your tablet screen.

Now, let’s explore what you can do with your damaged or broken tablet screen.

Screen Repairing

If it is possible to repair, it will save your money and the original screen. A new screen may not suit more meticulously than the original one. Sometimes, it may not work long.

Replacement of Screen

It is comparatively facile and inexpensive to replace the screen on a tablet only once you find the hang of that.

Replacing the screen is relatively much cheaper. Usually, you can replace it for about 50-100 USD or something more if they perform well.

You Can Fix By Yourself

There are some particular ways to fix the screen. If you maintain these steps, you will be able to protect cracks from the tablet’s screen edges.

  • Clean your screen with a cleaning paper. You should be aware of the process.
  • Use lucid sticky tape all around the residence to be patched. This performs very well when the tablet is turned on.
  • Indicate the border to the patch area.
  • Give a few quantities of lucid sticky to the cracked side of the screen. Be careful to give the patch gradually.
  • Then add more as needed thinly.

Fix The Screen From a Repair Shop

Sometimes, you have to choose a tablet repairing shop where your tablet screen can be fixed or replaced. 

The repairer will try to repair first if the Problems with the screen look repairable. Otherwise, they will replace a new one according to the tablet size and model. 

They will also suggest you fix an extra glass on the screen that will protect your tablet screen as a screen paper.

Checking Original Screen

Generally, a tablet screen is Confined around 7 inches to 11 inches which is bigger than a mobile phone or a laptop. Before buying a tablet screen, you need to check the following steps.

  • Quality [check brand].
  • Screen size [height,weight,thickness].
  • Price according to the brand.
  • Model
  • Popularity
  • Warranty
  • Brightness.

Besides these steps, there are some other steps that can be followed depending on tablet quality, size, and usability. So you have to be concerned about your tablet size, quality, and so on.

Nexus 7:(1200 X 1920)
Samsung Galaxy 10:(800 X 1280)
Nexus 9:(1536 X 2048)

Some Brightest Tablet Screen

NameScreen Resolution
Google Nexus 7:(1920 X 1200)
Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9:(2560 X 1600)
Nokia Lumia 2520:(1920 X 1080)
Barnes and Noble Nook HD+:(1920 X 1280)

Prices Of Screen

A screen price depends on its size, device, brand, etc. You have to pay 50-100 USD or more to purchase a good screen. Some tablets have LCDs that adjust with Screen. So you also need to pay an extra 50-75 USD for an LCD. Some low-price screens have been seen in the market but those have not surety to last long. 

Where can I Get My Tablet Screen Fixed

What Should You Do To Protect Screen Damage?

Comparatively, the tablet has a larger screen than the smartphone. So, there are more possibilities of slips from hand accidentally.

It is true that the following steps don’t save your tablet’s screen from breaking. But it can save you from damage.

  • conduct a tempered glass so that the tablet can be protected along with the screen.
  • use a cover to protect your tablet’s back, display, and sides. This cover will defend from the side cracks.
  • Don’t use a waterproof bladder for a long time. Because it makes moisture from the inside of the bladder which causes damage.
  • Use a blow dryer to absorb moisture. But it can’t dry up from the inner side of the tablet. Then you should keep it in a sack of rice which will evaporate moisture.


Will Liquid glass fix a cracked screen?

It solidifies and adheres to the glass surface when it falls into place, giving the tablet a polished look (even under a microscope.) This gives your tablet screen six times the protection from fractures and scratches without the need for an additional piece of glass.

How does toothpaste fix a broken tablet screen?

Drag the toothpaste from the cotton swab over the cracked and scratched screen. Pour it into the crack, but not so forcefully that it further cracks the screen. After covering the crack completely, discard the swab.

Can a broken tablet screen be fixed?

It is common that your tablet screen may be damaged for various reasons. It may fall down from your hand. So, if you’re wondering if you can repair a cracked tablet screen, the answer is yes!

What is the best way to mend a cracked tablet screen with toothpaste?

Apply the toothpaste from the cotton swab to the cracks and scratches on the screen and drag the cotton swab over the screen to remove it. Light pressure should be used to get it into the crack, but not so much that it causes the screen to break further. 

Will the liquid glass be able to repair a shattered screen?

Yes. As you know, the liquid glass solidifies and binds with the surface of the glass, resulting in a flawless finish on the phone (even under a microscope). Using this method, you may get up to six times more protection against cracks and scratches on your tablet screen without having to use an additional piece of glass on top of it at all.

Is it possible to repair damaged screens using clear nail polish?

Unfortunately, nail polish will not be able to mend a damaged screen. Essentially, it can only repair a minor fracture—or at the very least, prevent it from expanding further.

How can I tell if my tablet’s LCD screen is damaged?

The LCD is damaged if you see lines, black spots, screen flickers, or discolored regions on your screen. If the screen becomes dark, you have an issue with the tablet’s LCD. As a result, you should strive to rectify it as quickly as possible.


Screen problem is one of the most common problems than any other problem in Tablet. That’s why you should know “where can I get my tablet screen fixed ‘‘ .

I think you are now able to fix a Tablet Screen or know what to do for it. Comparatively a Screen damages or cracks breaks easily in a simple injury. As the size of the tablet is bigger than a smartphone. So you should be aware of using time.

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