Why Is My iPad Not Charging But Has A Lightning Bolt?

Walter Moore

Why Is My iPad Not Charging But Has A Lightning Bolt

Apple is known as one of the best brands of gadgets and iPads are no different. The iPads are by far the top-rated tablets available in the market. But no matter how good a gadget is, you never know when it starts having glitches.

Though iPads do not have glitches very often, some users have reportedly faced the Not Charging glitch happening to their iPad. If you are one of them and your iPad says Not Charging, we have got your back!

In this article below, we will help you know why your iPad is not charging.

Why isn’t my iPad charging?

If you have connected your iPad to your laptop using a USB cable or a damaged socket and it is not charging, there is simply nothing to worry about then. It just appears because there is not enough power flowing through the USB to charge up your iPad.

But if your iPad is not charging even when you are using an authorized Apple charger and lightning cable, there might be some hardware issues with your charger or cable. This issue can also occur if your iPad has a dirty or damaged charging port.

How to fix this charging issue?

Now that you know why your iPad is facing this issue. It is time for you to find solutions to this. There are numerous techniques you can try out to fix this glitch. Here, we bring some good fixes for you to try out:

Check the Cable

This glitch mostly happens if you are using a random lightning cable to charge your iPad. iOS devices do not always work with cables that do not have the correct MFi authenticated hardware in them.

So, if you are not charging your iPad with the right USB cable, it is very likely for you to face this glitch. Therefore, you must have an MFi-certified lightning cable especially made for iOS devices.

Check the charger 

If your iPad is not charging even when you are using the right cable, your charger may be broken. To check that, plug your charger into the power socket and try charging another device with it.

See whether it charges or not. If it does, then the problem is in your iPad itself. And if it does not charge, you need to replace your charger with a new Apple charger.

Check the charging port

If the charger and the cable of your iPad are working just as fine, then the issue probably is in the charging port of your iPad. Sometimes, the USB ports build up a lot of gunk inside them and this causes poor connection. 

Therefore, you can just take a small plastic object to take out all the gunk and ensure a proper connection.


This was our attempt to help you with the issue of your iPad not charging. If all of these methods still fail to solve your issue, we will recommend you visit a service center and get your iPad checked!

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