How To Unlock An RCA Tablet When You Forgot The Password?

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Unlock An RCA Tablet

It is very important to use a lock in your RCA tablet for the safety of your data. But it may happen that, at any time, you have forgotten it. So you should know the method to unlock your RCA tablet easily.

If you forget the password of your RCA tablet, still, there is a way to unlock your tablet again. But for this, you should do some procedures carefully. 

In this article, I will try to help you with this common issue.

Process of unlocking a locked RCA tablet when you forgot the password

For unlocking your RCA tablet when you forget the password you should follow the below steps thoroughly:

  • First, you should switch off your tablet. After that, you need to push the volume upper key and power button at one time. In that case, 15 seconds later, your screen will switch on and it will show you “no command” and also an android logo.
  • Then you need to press your tablet’s power button and your screen will appear with some options.
  • After seeing the instruction that is shown on the screen you should go down and then click the format option. Doing this, your all data will erase. You should remember strictly, after deleting all your data, it will display the process.
  • Still, you need to follow some steps. Then you should reboot your RCA tablet. Thereafter, it will show you to complete your tablet’s profile.
  • Generally, you need to type the email account that you gave on your tablet previously. For this step, you must be sure that your tablet is connected to your internet connection.
  • Then the tablet will give you access. After that, you can set your new lock. At that time, you can be able to open your tablet with the latest password that you have used.

As well as, don’t forget that for doing all the processes, your all data will be deleted. So, you should keep your all data backup anywhere else before conducting the above process.

How do you unlock your RCA tablet when you forget the pattern?

After you try to unlock the tablet pattern several times, the tablet will show you forgot pattern option. You need to press forgot pattern option then. 

In addition, you need to give the username that you used in your google account and also the password which you have added to your tablet previously. Then you have to reset the tablet’s screen lock. The forget pattern tablet process is a little more similar to forget password tablet process.

How do you reset your locked RCA tablet?

It is very easy to reset a locked RCA tablet. However, it may make you delighted to know that the RCA tablet has a reset button on its backside. They set the reset button in deep. 

To press the button, you will require a pin. If you don’t have a pin, you can also use a paper clip for pressing the button. 

In that case, you need to long-press the reset key and then your RCA tablet will restart.

How do you unlock your RCA tablet lock screen without losing your data?

If you cannot remember your RCA tablet’s password anyway, then there is no way to unlock your tablet lock screen without losing your data. 

So, it is better for you if you keep your data in online or any other secure place or device.

How do you bypass Google verification after resetting your tablet?

After unlocking your device, you should go to the settings option on your tablet. Then select the option ‘Cloud and Accounts.’ After that, you need to press on the ‘Accounts’ option.

You will need to select the google account you have that appears on the screen. In the upper right corner of the tablet, you will see 3 dots. 

In that case, you should click the Remove Account option. Now, perhaps, you will get a verification request.


I have described the procedures one by one to unlock your RCA tablet so that you can understand them effortlessly.

If you read this article carefully, it may solve your problems about unlocking your RCA tablet.

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