Why Does My RCA Tablet Keep Freezing?

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Why Does My RCA Tablet Keep Freezing?

Freezing up any RCA tablet is a common issue. Many people face this problem several times a day. It may annoy you when you do work or something else through the tablet.

It is very important to know the reasons for freezing the device before solving the problem.

We are going to help you to know the reasons and solve the problem. Hence, You should give your tablet some time to retrieve automatically. The main problem occurs because of a lack of storage. You can fix it easily through troubleshooting.

This article will take you through all the possible solutions to fix up the tablet freezing problem.

RCA Tablet Keep Freezing: Reasons And Solutions

To solve the freezing problem, you must find the problems first. Here are some reasons for the freezing problems and their solution. You should follow the solutions one by one.

It may help you properly to solve the problem.

  1. Insufficient memory

Sometimes your tablet freezes up because of a lack of storage. You need to delete unnecessary apps, photos, videos, etc. 

Big apps and videos take up more space. You should search for hidden apps and remove them immediately. They frequently pause the device when you see any youtube video or play any games.

You should add external storage like a micro SD memory card to the device. A memory card will increase your phone storage. It will help you to stop freezing your tablet.

  1. Slow processor

Every tablet has a processor. The tablet freezes frequently if the processor becomes slow. You can arrange the app icon on a single screen to solve the problem.

You must be needed to stop the apps which are working in the background. You can select lower video quality while seeing any video. You should not open many apps at one time. Rather you should delete the cache files every time you use the tablet.

  1. Unnecessary apps 

Most of the RCA tablets freeze when you load any app. Then the tablet runs improperly. In this situation, you may need to close the app.

You need to discover the unnecessary apps and delete them to free up space. You can also fix it by restarting the tablet. However, you can also reboot the tablet to solve this problem.

  1. Outdated apps

If you do not update your tablet apps, it becomes outdated. Eventually, it causes a freeze on the screen.  Outdated apps bring virus, and malware that makes your device slow.

So, it is necessary to update the program and apps frequently to stop the freezing situation. You can make troubleshoot to identify this problem.

  1. Factory reset

You should need to press the power button and volume button together to make a hard reset. Because factory reset is not always a solution. 

Sometimes it happens that after restarting several times, the tablet does not respond.If anything does not work to solve the freeze-up problem, you can factory reset the tablet.

For this, you should keep your all data on google drive or anywhere else. Because for factory reset, your all data will erase. Besides, you should ensure that your device has enough battery to complete the process.

This is done from the settings option of the tablet. After completing all steps of the factory reset, the tablet will not freeze up frequently.

  1. Ask for RCA help

If the above processes do not work, you can contact the RCA tablets support center. Their contact number is 800-252-6123. They have also web support at support.rcatablets.com. You can also use email to reach them to solve tablet problems.

You can contact them through these quickly. They will give you a possible solution after finding the problem.

  1. Replacement or refund

If your RCA tablet does not respond to the above solution and it has a warranty, then you may need to take it to the RCA center. You can also ask for your money back or replacement of the tablet.


It is frustrating when any tablet freezes. If it happens occasionally, then it is normal. But if it happens frequently, it is a big problem. 

However, particularly this problem can be found and solved by ensuring the steps that have been mentioned in this article.

Hope this article will benefit you.

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