How‌ ‌To‌ ‌Take‌ ‌A‌ ‌Screen‌ ‌Shot‌ ‌On‌ ‌A‌ ‌Samsung‌ ‌Tablet‌ [With Images]

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How‌ ‌To‌ ‌Take‌ ‌A‌ ‌Screen‌ ‌Shot‌ ‌On‌ ‌A‌ ‌Samsung‌ ‌Tablet‌

It’s nothing new that when we wake up from our bed, our day starts with browsing social networks. Whenever we find anything interesting that might be used for further evidence, we just keep a screenshot. 

If you are a Samsung tablet user, then a screenshot is a vital component of your device. However, some users may not know how to take a screenshot on a Samsung tablet since they have various Samsung models.

If you are into this category, this post is for you! In this article, you will know the step-by-step process for capturing a screenshot.

So let’s dig more into the article

How To Take A Screen Shot On A Samsung Tablet: Steps To Follow

There are a plethora of various Samsung tablets available on the market right now. As a consequence, it may be hard to locate instructions that are relevant to your particular Samsung tablet’s model for capturing a screenshot.

To make things a little easier, this guideline will serve as a hub for finding solutions to the issue of taking screenshots.

Now, without making any further delay, let us go back to the core topic of discussion.

Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 

Take the tab in your hand, swipe your palm across the screen and your screenshot is done.

How‌ ‌To‌ ‌Take‌ ‌A‌ ‌Screen‌ ‌Shot‌ ‌On‌ ‌A‌ ‌Samsung‌ ‌Tablet‌

You can also do the same thing by rotating your tablet’s screen.

But here is a thing that you need to learn. You have to Enable how to swipe

Then go to the Advanced Feature

How‌ ‌To‌ ‌Take‌ ‌A‌ ‌Screen‌ ‌Shot‌ ‌On‌ ‌A‌ ‌Samsung‌ ‌Tablet‌

Then click Motion and Gestures

Click on Palm Swipe To Capture.

Make sure that the option is enabled.

Well, there is another way open for you. You just have to press the Power button and Volume down button together and your job is done.

How‌ ‌To‌ ‌Take‌ ‌A‌ ‌Screen‌ ‌Shot‌ ‌On‌ ‌A‌ ‌Samsung‌ ‌Tablet‌

Screenshot On Galaxy Tab S6

Taking a screenshot by using the Power button and Volume down button is the most easiest way. This method is available all the time by simultaneously pressing both the buttons.


The screen will flash and a black bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. It is the sign that the device has successfully taken a screenshot

Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (2020)

Choose the page which you want to take a screenshot.

How‌ ‌To‌ ‌Take‌ ‌A‌ ‌Screen‌ ‌Shot‌ ‌On‌ ‌A‌ ‌Samsung‌ ‌Tablet‌

The you have to do the combination of two keys: Power button and Volume Down button and hold for 2 seconds.

The screenshot will directly be saved into your Photo Gallery.

Tab on the Album

You can see a Screenshot Folder. Go into it and you can see your screenshots.

A Black bar will appear all the time when you click a screenshot. By clicking on this, you can easily draw, crop, and save. The file will be saved in your Gallery.

Screenshot on Samsung Tab S5E

Select the screen which you desire to capture. After selecting that, just keep your palm on the left side of your tablet and swipe from left to right.

Screenshot on Smasung Galaxy TAB S7/S7+

Press the Power Button and Volume Button at the same time. Press and hold it for few seconds to see the result.

Your screenshot will be saved on Photos Gallery. Click on the Album.

You can see a new folder name Screenshot. Click on it and you can find your screenshot

Well, here you can learn a new thing. When you go to webpage, you may wish to capture a lot of screenshots as there are tons of information with illustrated picture. So for this, you may have to take screenshots multiple times.

Here you can solve this problem by clicking just one screenshot. So, just click the first one as previous method.

Now, go to the black bar 

Tap on this button and you can see that your captured screenshot is being lengthy. By tapping it again and again, it will be getting longer and longer.

Your screenshot will be saved in your Gallery.

Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 

Select the page first which you want to capture.

Press the power button and volume down button together and hold it for few seconds.

And your screenshot is ready and it is saved in your Gallery. 

Here is another way for making the same result. You can do it by using a s-pen that comes with a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite model.

All you have to do is just press the s-pen on the screen

You will see a really small icon the side. It is penned with it.

By clicking on the icon, you can many options

All you have to do is click on the Screen Write option and it will automatically click a screenshot.


The process for capturing screenshots on Samsung Tablet varies per model. Samsung tabs always provide a screenshot option. The screenshot is crucial in today’s internet-based environment.

Hopefully, this article has taught you how to take a screenshot on a Samsung tablet.

Now go and capture your screen!

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