Why Does My Tablet Get Hot? Answer Here

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Why Does My Tablet Get Hot

Getting heating is one of the most common problems for any device, especially for tablet users. If you have a tablet that gets hot, you may want to know “why does my tablet get hot”

There are some common specific causes for getting the tablet hot. Screen brightness, overuse, overcharging, intense use, impatient charging, faulty cooling system, and tablet case blocking the vent are the remarkable causes for getting the tablet hot.

In this article, we will cover all the reasons in detail and obviously, you will even find the solution here. 

Let’s get started.

Why Is My Tablet Getting Hot?

Some tablets get so hot for a long period of time that you can’t even touch them. Clearly, there is something wrong. If it is, this heating problem may not be solved permanently.

Your tablet can be devastated altogether. Then you have to buy a new one. Though almost all issues can be solved.

Most times, the issue is something minor, that you can fix simply with a little cost and without technical training.

First of all, you have to identify the issues which are the reasons behind getting your tablet hot. Then decide what to do to fix it quickly.

However, don’t be panicked. Let’s explore all aspects in detail. I think you will be able to get all your desired information. 

There Are Some Common Reasons Why Tablets Get Hot:

Heating Depends On How You Are Using Your Tablet

The biggest cause of overheating is the misuse of your tablet for any purpose. Let’s look at the common misuses that can cause heating issues.

Intensive use – If you watch a lot of videos or explore for a long time that gives a lot of load on your tablet, you are sure to get hot.

I am not suggesting that you shouldn’t watch or explore these things. But you should look at the ability of your tablet.

Overuse – It is one of the biggest reasons for getting a tablet hot. If multiple apps run for a long time together, it needs the tablet to take extra loads for that. Because of the massive workload, it uses more energy. And for using more energy, it gets hotter.

Screen brightness – It is the big source of getting hot for the tablet. Even it is capable of making the heat more than on its own. Nowadays most tablets have HD screens that increase the temperature from before.

Why Does My Tablet Get Hot

What Causes A Tablet’s Battery To Overheat?

The tablet is electronic and portable, that’s because your tablet has a battery in it. Some causes for getting the tablet hot have been given below where the battery is responsible.

Bad battery – If your tablet battery is responsible for getting hot and has expired or been used for many years, you have to replace a new battery. Because you can’t fix your expired battery. However, you can buy a new battery for 50-200 USD.

Overcharging – Normally we charge our tablet to maintain it. But sometimes you may harm your tablet in this process. Because you plug it in when it is needed. But you may forget to unplug sometimes which leads to overcharging. Overcharging also causes overheating. it degrades your battery quality, service, and longevity.

Impatient charging – You also may harm your tablet in this process. While charging your tablet, you are exploring the tablet. This causes the battery to work at double speed.

A device receives energy from one source and delivers it from that source. That’s why it destroys your battery, hangs in an explosion, and overheats your tablet quickly.

Tablet Gets Hot Due To Cooling Problems

Generally, every electronic device gets a little heat when working. That’s why manufacturers have set up a cooling system.

Let’s identify some problems in the cooling system.

Bad cooling – Manufacturers design the cooling system. If something wrong occurs in the cooling system, it causes the tablet to get hot. You should fix or replace it if it is truly a cooling problem.

Venting issues – If you switch on your tablet, it starts heating up. So, it may have a venting issue. Most people use cases for protection. But it can cause major problems.

What Is The Solution For Getting Hot?

You should not be panicked after getting to know all these issues. Because there are some excellent solutions for the heating problem of the tablets.

Now let’s have a look at an effective solution.

Empty Some Processing Power

If you have opened or installed unnecessary apps, you should clear out these. You can refresh all the apps by tapping the X icon. 

Keep Away From Hot Climates

Usually, the battery can be damaged more quickly in hot temperatures. 

You should not keep the tablet directly in the Sunshine. Because it’s heating up in the sun. You also should not keep your tablet in a hot car.

Restart Your Hot Tablet

You should restart your tablet. Working too hard causes overheating. This performance can cure the heart.

Remove The Case From Your Tablet

You should be careful with thick leather, plastic, or bound cases. These thick cases may be keeping your tablet heat locked in. If it needs to cool off, you should take it out of its case.

Keep The Screen Brightness Low

High brightness causes it to get hot. So you should turn down the brightness when it needs to cool off.

Replace The Faulty Or Damaged Battery

If your tablet gets hot due to a faulty or damaged battery, you should replace it rather than fix it. You must be careful about your tablet model and new battery model balancing.

Airplane Mode Can Reduce Heat

In the poor signal network area, you can switch to airplane mode at the bottom of the screen. It is a very effective way to reduce overheating.


Is it normal for tablets to heat?

A device becoming overheated can be a source of concern, but it can also be completely normal. While charging your tablet, it may also become hot which is nothing too serious. So don’t be panicked.

Why is my Samsung tablet getting so hot?

Typical causes of a tablet being hot include that your device is in charging, your device is now running a powerful-intensive application or your device is being used while it is protected by a case or cover. Many things can cause this issue..

How do I fix my Samsung overheating?

You should not use your tablet in the sunlight. It’s a suggestion not to use your tablet without putting a back cover on it and you may also keep your phone near a fan so that it can not get hot.


Overheating can make a serious accident to any tablet. Even tablets can be burst at any time for high temperatures. That’s why you must know ” why my tablet gets hot “.

I think now you have acquired your desired information from the above content and enjoyed the details.

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